Enochian Theory - Life...And All It Entails2013 so far has surely seen the fortunes of UK proggers Enochian Theory escalate. “Initially, Life…And All It Entails” was release last year to a modest press reaction it seemed; but since which has seen them play a glorious set at HRH Prog, plus high profile support slots to diverse acts such as TesseracT and (currently) The Enid. Now is the perfect time for “Life…” to be thrust in the spotlight.

It is quite astounding a feat as to both how this 3 piece is capable of creating such a vast and captivating sound, and at how diverse the musicianship and influence is and yet how it appears so misleadingly simplistic in scope. Drawing upon a definite influence from classic prog bands as well as modern prog metal, but without necessarily falling into such a categorisation; “Life…” instead seems to transcend such pigeonholing attempts, brimming with ideas and ambition.

Initially it begins quite placidly and peaceful, but throughout it shifts from such to more grandiose orchestrations, through more familiar prog metal territory, even near black metal heaviness and darkness at times. Far from being cluttered and confused however, it combines all such diverse elements so well; in moderation and in sync with one and other whilst still feeling organic and natural. Ben Harris-Hayes’ vocal prowess and diversity as well has to be hugely applauded with how fluidly he can flit from the beautiful and serene, to the bone chilling harshness of the albums heaviest moments.

Picking out a particular highlight would prove fruitless an exercise as this is an album instead that should be played as whole in all its majesty rather than being dissected. For such a young band to show such maturity in song construction and writing, with influences as wide and spread as the likes of King Crimson to contemporary acts like Devin Townsend and Ihsahn, is jaw dropping, and it can’t be exaggerated just how far these guys can go creatively. Say hello to your new favourite band.

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