Enabler Album coverWill someone please give this genre a name! It has been three years since both Kvelertak and Black Breath exploded onto the metal scene with their debut albums and we are no closer to giving the genre a name. Whatever it will or will not be named the amalgamation of crust punk, thrash, hard core and the crushing guitar tone from Entombed is certainly proving popular in the underground metal scene with bands like Palm, Hellmouth and Trap Them establishing themselves as great upcoming bands. But the one band from the upcoming scene that made the biggest impact was Enabler.

Their first album “All Hail the Void” was a smash in the face to the metal scene when it was released last year, sounding like a cross between Anthrax, Cancer Bats and Trap Them, Enabler’s second full length album blew the competition out of the water in the year it was released and still stands up so far as one of the best albums of this decade (so far.)

Enabler return after a brief tour with Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley (bizarre right?) with a new six track EP “Flies” which I am glad to say continues what the band started on “All Hail the Void.” The riffs are razor sharp but still as savage as a wolverine that has been starved for days as well as the return of the Entombed-esque guitar tone that has become a staple of this genre and it’s easy to see why, making even the most minor riff sound as if it will bring the building down.

One of the main differences between this and the previous album is the production has become a lot more dirty and raw. At points it sounds like this album has been recorded inside a coffin it’s that raw and unpolished. This is no way a bad thing thought; in fact it’s a great addition to the band’s sound as it makes them sound so much more savage and deadly.

The songs have remained as strong as the previous album the ‘Sickened by the Wake’ being the overall highlight it is very reminiscing of the most accessible songs on Kvelertak’s “Meir” with a crushing rhythm repeated all the way through the song as well as the gang vocals punctuating the album throughout. This is certainly the closest the band has come to an anthem so far. The EP ends with a monstrous cover of Sepultura’s ‘Arise,’ which although not topping the original is still a fine cover.

“Flies” shows Enabler continuing the fine work they started on All Hail the Void, delivering savage and filthy riffs whilst having chantable songs as well as not compensating on the overall heaviness of the album. Hopefully the band will release a new full length release sometime next year; I for one cannot wait to hear it.

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