Dirty Thrills - Growing Young [Review]Dirty Thrills are a UK four-piece self-releasing this, their debut EP, “Growing Young” very soon.  I asked to review this EP because the band’s biog describes them as being heavily influenced by Queens of the Stone Age, which is always fine by me. However, I personally cannot detect it at all across these four songs, and I think the band are trying to make themselves sound a bit more hip than their obvious influences allow. It all starts okay, though, with ‘Shivers’, a funky shuffle with a driving bass moving them and you along as they let their hair down, grab a drink and try to edge towards the dancefloor. No sign of any desert-fried stoner rock or motorik punk, but a decent little Free-style groover. A good opener and a good indication of what type of ‘dirty thrills’ to really expect.

Title track ‘Growing Young’ sounds like a deliberate attempt to get the Rival Sons fans on side and could be an outtake from “Pressure and Time”. Also, lyrically it covers similar ground to Rival Sons‘ ‘Run From Revelation’, being written from the perspective of a world-weary older man. This is all good stuff in my book but Dirty Thrills don’t quite have the charisma and spark to match them. When the song reaches the instrumental part it sounds pedestrian and restrained compared to the kind of heady rock n’ soul stew Rival Sons cook up.

‘Drunk Words’ is the sort of slinky but bruised blues-rock Whitesnake used to play before Coverdale went glam, and is perhaps the grower on this EP.

And so to ‘You’re In Trouble Now’ and yes you are, Dirty Thrills, as the quality is already dropping off. That Free influence suddenly makes them seem old beyond their years and again, lyrically, themes of slightly-grizzled-men-imparting-hard-won-wisdom-to-young-pups appears.

‘Shivers’ makes you want to put the EP back on from the start but it never really sustains the mood from the opening song and we’re back feeling like we’re listening to a pale imitation of Rival Sons…

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