Dinosaur Pile-Up Talk To ThisIsNotASceneMatt Seddon recently caught up with the guys from Dinosaur Pile-Up for a quick interview at their headline show at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester. They talked about Dinosaur Pile-Up, hobbies the guys have, the new album “Nature Nurture”, touring and much, much more…

Hey guys, how are you doing today?

(All): Hi man, we are good thanks.

Can you tell our readers who you are and what you play in the band?

(James): Hey I’m James and I play the bass guitar.

(Matt): Hey I’m Matt and I play guitar and sing.

(Mike): Hey I’m Mike and I play the drums and sometimes the trombone.

(Matt): What the fuck dude… aha.

Apart from playing in the band, do any of you have any interesting hobbies or jobs you can tell our reader about?

(Matt): God we have so many hobbies. What don’t we do guys, haha. I think we do all the hobbies out there, haha. What’s your favourite Mike?

(Mike): Mugging off you and laughing at the fact you think you can skateboard. He’s rubbish at it.

When and how did Dinosaur Pile-Up first form?

(Matt): I guess it was when I was doing songs in solo projects many moons ago and we started to tour and so shows, and the line-up slowly but surely changed over time into the incarnation of Dinosaur Pile-Up here present. I met Mike at a show and we started to jam, then I met James through a friend of a friend and that is basically how we got to where we are today – sat in this tiny room, talking to you. Hurray!

How would you describe your sound and who are your main inspirations?

(Matt): I guess the sound is “alternative rock”, and a lot of the music is inspired by 60’s stuff like: The Beatles and The Kinks, but also 90’s stuff and heavy metal.

Obviously, the name Dinosaur Pile-Up is rather odd one. Is there any concept or story behind the name?

(All): Yes!

(Matt): Have you ever seen King Kong? The shitty new; which is actually quite old version with Jack Black in it. Yeah, well there is a scene in it where there is a Dinosaur Pile-Up and I found it really funny, and we couldn’t think of a band name so we went with that… I’m regretting that now, haha.

“Nature Nurture” is your new album. How would you say it compares to previous material you guys have written?

(Mike): It’s new. Bit more matured, bit more developed. We want to do what we want to do, so we really didn’t want to change our sound on the new record. We just wanted our sound to evolve. The sound is similar, but the songs are more mature. I’d say I was the creative force behind 99.9% of the album!

(Matt and James): Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

You are currently on your UK headline tour. What have been your highlights of the tour so far?

(Matt): It’s wicked just to be out on tour to be honest with you man. This is our second record and we never even thought we would get this far. However, Leeds was insane the other week. It was kind of like a hometown show, as we originally come from Leeds, but it was really mad. So many people came down and there was such a crazy atmosphere.

So what are your favourite songs to play live?

(Mike): My favourite song off the first album is ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, and off the second album it has to be ‘Where Is My Mind’.

(TINAS, James and Matt): Hahahahahahahahahaha! What the fuck dude!

(Matt): Mike! Stop mugging off the interview guy. He has taken the time to talk to us civilized and you are scaring him off.

(Mike): …………….. Sorry.

So you are kind of on a dinosaur themed tour with the guys in Max Raptor, was that incidental, or did it come about by chance?

(Mike): They where the last band we wanted touring with us, and we couldn’t find anyone better, so we had to give it to them. No, we love those guys so much and it was a coincidence that both our names are to do about Dinosaurs.

What does the rest of 2013 hold for Dinosaur Pile-Up?

(James): We are going to finish this tour, then do a couple of small indie festivals. Try to get onto some of the bigger UK festivals and then spend some time hopefully touring America.

Bit of a fun question to end the interview on. If you could be in a supergroup with you playing your instrument in it, who else would be in the band and what would you call it?

(James): Oh, I’ll go first. I’d have John Lennon and John Bonham… We would be called John!

(Matt): Iggy Pop on lead vocals, John Entwistle on the bass and the dude from The Police on the drums. Oh, I want some keyboard. That would be cool! So, it would have to be Rick Wakeman. I’d call it…………. Got to think of something quick………… Mug. No wait, I’d call the band Teckers.

(Mike): I’d have Kurt Cobain on the guitar and Jesse J on lead vocals. We would be called. Wait till you hear this name guys. It will blow you away! …. Burrito!

(TINAS, James and Matt): Hahahahahahahahahaha! What the fuck dude!

(Mike): Shut up guys. John and Teckers aren’t going to be headlining festivals anytime soon!

(James): Seriously, we are so bad at being interviewed. When you publish this can you blame the heat for our crazy behaviour. Well, Mike’s crazy behaviour.

(Matt): Mike isn’t being crazy… He is being a mug!

(Mike): Dude seriously, if this is being aired on radio just cut me out of it or just bleep all my answers and announce at the end of the interview that I had gone crazy due to heatstroke.

Thanks for your time guys.

(All): No problem Matt. Sorry for Mike being a Mug!

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