First up tonight is local two piece, Bad Grammar [4/10]… A band that should simply change their name to BAD… FULL STOP! With an overly distorted, out of tune guitar in hand, and a drummer with a cowbell behind the kit, these Manchester based “fuzz-poppers” have nothing special going for them, and at points throughout their set are extremely repetitive. Sure, their frontman may have had an incredibly good stage presence, diving round the stage, jumping into the crowd and rolling around the floor like a man plugged into old sparky, but the problem with Bad Grammar is that there are no memorable or catchy songs to back up their stage show – tonight’s set is simply just 30 minutes of pure unfiltered distortion… Oh, and a hell of a lot of cowbell. Such a shame that tonight’s gig didn’t start with a bang.

Max Raptor [9/10] are quite simply THE BAND of the night, delivering an electrifying 30 minute set that although may be far too short for those present who follow the band, manages to blow the roof off of Ruby Lounge tonight. Opening with ‘Back Of A Barrel Wave’; a track off of the bands up and coming album entitled “Mother’s Ruin”, Max Raptor pull a risky move opening with an unknown song, but  never the less, deliver it superbly; getting the pumped for the onslaught of straight up punk infused rock to follow. A lot heavier than tonight’s headliners, Max Raptor manage to get a few of the crowd moving and banging their heads – flying through a short but sweet set that includes the anthems: ‘Obey The Whips’, ‘Carolina’, and of course the incredible ‘Patron Saint of Nothing’ igniting Ruby Lounge into a drunken sing along. Throwing in a few more new tracks in the form of ‘Grace and Favours’ and ‘England Breaths’, and ending on ‘The King Is Dead’ (A song good enough to be the next British national anthem), Max Raptor have no doubt gained a lot of new fans tonight, pouring their blood, sweat and tears into an incredible set, that could quite possibly be the best set to have ever graced the stage at Ruby Lounge! Bring on the release of “Mother’s Ruin”!

The name Dinosaur Pile-Up [8/10] has been floating around my radar for the past year now, and on recommendation I decided to go see what all the hype was about. Somewhat of a hybrid band; combining elements of indie, rock, grunge, punk… Basically a little bit of everything – Dinosaur Pile-Up really know how to get the party started, delivering an incredible 14 track set that includes material from both their debut “Growing Pains” and their awesome new album “Nature Nurture”.  Opening with: ‘Summer Gurl’, ‘Heather’ and ‘My Rock ‘n’ Roll’, Dinosaur Pile-up kick into their set with style, playing what the crowd wants to hear, unleashing party vibes from the second they start playing and getting the entire venue moving throughout every song they let loose! Although only a 3 piece, the sound that Dinosaur Pile-Up muster is a force to behold, spewing forth a rich warm sound that spills throughout the venue in the form of ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Derail’. Tonight Dinosaur Pile-Up have proved why they are one of the UK’s hottest up and coming rock bands, putting on an unbelievable performance that blew the minds of many a present tonight!

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