Diamond Plate - Pulse

Diamond Plate from Chicago, Illinois have released another hard rocking album via Earache Records this year. The trio feeds an insatiable appetite for all things heavy. “Pulse” is a strong album in the genre of thrash and heavy metal. Would you believe, too strong?

“Pulse” begins with ‘Walking Backward’ which has an opening riff reminiscent of vintage Metallica. The overall feel is a great mixture of Metallica and Slayer. To wit, the new lead singer Matt Ares is a Tom Araya light. As usual, the drumming provided by James Nicademus is top notch. It’s uber fast paced and at times Nicademus will leave you breathless.

‘All of It’ is another great song that evokes the Slayer theme. Konrad Kupiec’s riffs are vintage thrash and heavy metal. While the new vocalist is leaning toward the Dave Mustaine feel on vocals. ‘All of It’ has a meandering Anthrax feel throughout the song. I’m well chuffed with the bass breakdown 90 seconds into the song.

‘Dance With Reality’ breaks with the thrash heavy tradition by boring a hole in your auditory senses with some wicked cool southern rock. It’s still turned to 11, but the feel of the song is more groovilicous. May I use the word “wicked” again? I think I shall. 2:16 into the song; Diamond Plate whip up a wicked cacophony of sound.

Then ‘Still Dreaming’ hits and I’m like… when did I switch to Testament? I don’t recall playing Testament? Why am I playing Testament? OOOOhhhhhh Matt Ares’ vocals kick in and I’m not listening to Testament… But my ears hear Testament and not Diamond Plate. GGGGRRRRRRRR

The stand out track on Diamond Plate‘s “Pulse” is “Persistence of Memory”. It’s beautifully sculpted and rich in texture. Tracks like “Persistence of Memory” are a glaring example of why Diamond Plate are a force to be reckoned with. Everything about this composition is perfect. Konrad Kupiec, James Nicademus, and Matt Ares, I salute you!

My major complaint with Diamond Plate’s “Pulse” is that it sounds like everything I love and have heard before. I fell in love with Diamond Plate because of the unique freshness of “Generation Why?” I can see and totally understand exposing a new generation to the best composed music – timeless music full of layer and richness, even. I applaud them for reaching out to those of their age group to introduce them to what has come before. “Pulse” is a hard hitting evil sounding album! “Pulse” is chock full of head banging bits from start to finish. But the fresh and shiny of Diamond Plate is missing here.

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