Devourment - Conceived in SewageHaving been going for sixteen long years, death metal stalwarts Devourment have forged quite a reputation amongst underground music fans. Not receiving quite the buzz or coverage of the likes of Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse; Devourment share a common ground with such bands and show a real and strong consistency (meant as a compliment, not as in the back handed statement it can often mean) with a couple of decent albums. This, their fourth full length album is also their first from new home Relapse Records (a name you can always trust), and really shows these guys at their best.

Admittedly, “Conceived In Sewage” doesn’t even attempt to push into the experimental or cutting edge realms, instead taking the tired and tested paths of such greats before them, both musically and lyrically, with the expectant, gore and violence inspired inspirations we all know and love. For the band themselves however this album does show quite an evolution in song writing.

Previous albums saw Devourment seemingly focus on pure pace for the most part; “Conceived In Sewage” sees a greater variety. Still a lot of faster numbers to please, but songs also show a greater focus on pure groove elements as well. Songs aren’t completely formulaic as much as on previous albums, and the songs themselves are quite simply some of the strongest the band have ever written.

Early days in 2013, and following such strong years in death metal music this year has a lot to live up to; but Devourment have certainly set a very good benchmark already. Filthier than the aforementioned sewers, this is a rapturously fun and groove filled monster.

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