Device - DeviceThere is something commendable about David Draiman. Now, say what you will about the man and his music, but as a person he is a very passionate, respectful and, to a degree, a humble man. The man once referred to as ‘Mad Davey’ has come a long way since the days of ‘Down With the Sickness’ and has spread his wings as an artist and a producer.

It should come as no surprise to anyone then that whilst the globe trotting phenomenon that is Disturbed is on hiatus, Draiman has readied another musical project in the form of the industrial tinged metal outfit Device. We’ve been hearing about Device for the best part of a year now, with Draiman vowing that it would blow us away and that it would be entirely different to his work in his day job. Was he right or is this Disturbed v2.0?

Opening cut ‘You Think you know’ bursts out of the speakers full throttle, sounding somewhat familiar yet also fresh as well, showing a heaviness displayed in some of Disturbed‘s later catalogue whilst also showing a difference in tone to what we have heard from Draiman previously. The first single ‘Villify’ is a classic radio friendly song, that works well and serves its purpose as the albums lead single and for most people their first taste of Device. It sounds huge and will surely be a highlight of the bands live set.

Device as an album is full of surprises, there is a duet with Lzzy Hale on a cover of the Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne classic ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ which works for the most part and gives the album a nice change in pace. There are also other notable appearances throughout the album from Serj Tankien, Tom Morello, Geezer Butler and M. Shadows, the latter lending his vocals to one of the albums stand out tracks ‘Haze’ which both vocalists complimenting each other well.

I will admit that when I first heard the idea of a David Draiman fronted industrial project I was very skeptical and when I heard the album for the first time I hated it… However, after repeated listens it has grown on me, and you can see where it’s coming from and where it could possibly go in the future. Although, to call it an industrial project might be a bit much, it’s still very much a metal record with a lot of heavy guitars and bass, and while the industrial element is present, it’s never overpowering or unwelcome.

One thing the Device record never feels is forced, which is nice and something I worried it might feel, but it’s self assured and confident, which is largely I imagine down the fact that even though this is a new band. It’s one made up of experienced players, who have a knowledge and hand for writing this style of music. Device won’t break any musical boundaries and it remains to be seen if they can be as successful as some other bands who have a similar sound have become, but as a different form of musical outlet for one David Draiman while his main band are on hiatus, Device certainly hits the spot.

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