Death-Valley-High-300x300How do you categorize Death Valley High? How do you convey how these four San Fransisco nut-jobs sound? Well, this is how you’d imagine a band consisting of Sean Of The Dead, Wednesday 13, Adam Ant and Rob Zombie would sound. It shouldn’t work really, but it sort of does. This quartet throw us a thoroughly entertaining album in ‘Positive Euth’ that celebrates surviving Doomsday, raises a glass to being reborn, and necks a few pints to being being positively undead. Totally schizophrenic in it’s direction… and completely addictive.

Death Valley High are bandied over the internet as Doom Pop. Okay, fair enough we can see that, doomy tongue in cheek lyrics often thrust over the top of 80’s punk pop styling. You cannot help but think of Adam Ant or Marilyn Manson strutting their stuff to “The Present”, and you have an idea of how lyrically challenged you will be when you have titles such as “Undead Eat Lead”, “How2Kill”> and “Doomsday At The Disco”. It really is a check your brain at the door and crack a few beers album.

Musically, it is sound and polished. These four are talented without a doubt, and they combine so many schizophrenic styles into one album it leaves you reeling. It almost feels like a showcase album from the guys. Within the first three tracks you have such a diverse spectrum that you have to keep listening just to see which angle they take next. Dark aggression from opener “Bath Salt Party”; Mr Bungle meets Murderdolls , “The Present” is, as already mentioned,Manson colliding with Adam Ant and then let’s throw another curve ball with “How2Kill”, which is quite frankly blissfully disturbing in it’s industrial undercurrents.

A roller coaster of an album, deeply disturbing and littered with catchy choruses and effervescent riffs, Death Valley High have delivered a little gem… Yeah, Doom Pop works.

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