Death By Ki - The Right Of Might [Review]Death By Ki are a Thrash Metal band from the United Kingdom. With the “The Right Of Might” EP they give a five track taster as to what will hopefully be a very long career. The songs echo the greats like Metallica and Megadeth but draw on more modern influences such as like Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine.

The songwriting is pretty simplistic yet effective. Pulverising speed is already present in opener ‘Like Oxygen To Fire’. The vocals are incredibly harsh in parts but overall relatively clean, the harsher backing vocals add a really great thick layer that compliments the cleans nicely. Though the screamed vocals do have their moments of shine, such as in closer ‘Lights Out’ and previous track ‘Tao’. The choruses are catchy yet not dull, they give you a nice breather before grabbing you and throwing you back into the maelstrom of riffs and guitar solos where you feel truly at home.

The guitar riffs are actually one of the best things about this release. A truly meaty and chunky ensemble of notes navigate their way through this EP. Previously mentioned track ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Control (In A World Of Free Will)’ are packed with some of the best, but each other song carries it’s own ludicrously brilliant riffs. The harmonies and leads too, there really are some impressive guitar skills found in the duo of Chris Chamberlain and Josh Ayerst. The intro of ‘Control’ is a great section where they bounce off one another, the opening passages of ‘Tao’ exploring their lighter side.

This release may not be anything groundbreaking but whilst there are so many bands on the big stages playing sanitised Thrash metal it’s good to see someone on a lower level playing some music with actual balls. This EP is a bridge between Metallica and Slayer, and also something for those who will Bullet For My Valentine wrote better music. “The Right Of Might” is a must for any metalhead. Badass riffs, blistering guitar solos and fantastic songs, why ask for more?

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