Darsombra - Climax CommunityNot everything fits into one slot.  We’re taught as children to match like shapes and sizes with appropriate concave spaces.  The same applies for music.  Trying to play a 24 minute drone track on the radio isn’t going to fly, nor will it work at a birthday party, pep rally, or spin class for that matter but when given the room to slide into its right shape, the fit is undeniable. Darsombra is one of those lovely shapes, fit for its own space in the background of study sessions, artistic endeavors, meditations or anything else meticulous enough to engage the mind to the fullest, enhanced by some musical ambiance.  Released through Exile On Mainstream Records, Baltimore’s Darsombra put forth their third album, “Climax Community,” coining the term “transcendental rock” to describe their sound.

‘Roaming the Periphery’ is the first and longest track of the album, coming in at just over 23 minutes and although it’s one beast of a thing, don’t assume I just gave it a listen or 2 and called it a day.  The fact that my play count was at 7, actually surprised me.  Only now do I realize how fitting the title actually is.  It emulates a peripheral scan where nothing is clear.  Waves dip into valleys and caverns, filling them with reflective and delayed signals, breaking it up with distorted guitar that screeches and pulls back into the shadows.  Around the 15:50 point, it starts to build into one of the most drawn out climaxes ever conceived.  Oh, but it’s not over.  The track peters out around 20:10; then, like the lover that will never leave, who just wants to stay and cuddle because you were just so awesome at blowing their load that their body has been paralyzed from the impact of it all or there’s some deeper emotional attachment… or something.

Whatever way you look at it, you’ve just given it your all and now it’s time to go to sleep already or for them to go home so you can eat leftovers and get yourself off to a collection of bookmarked booty bounce compilations.  I don’t know what I’m even talking about anymore. Oh right, right, we were talking about ‘Roaming the Periphery’.  My mind just wanders in drone tracks like these, you know.  It’s gorgeous though, really.  I’ve heard nothing like it in 2012 and the fact that the mind has no place to anchor; only float on an effervescent cloud of dreamland only reinforces its mystique.

‘Green’ encompasses a smidgen of Celtic folk influence, blended with the experimental whim of artists, the likes of Daniel Higgs.  A more condensed creative release from the band, spanning 4:09, it shows variation amongst the other 2 track by using a bit more structure and brightness.

Charismatic and playful, ‘Thunder Thighs’ throws the distortion of grunge at a wall of electronic infused psychedelia, washed over in their live sets by waves of colorful, morphing projections.  You can really hear the sludge influence in this one during some of Brian Daniloski’s (Meatjack and Trephine) first few minutes of guitar.  The one vocal section on the track fits but does throw one off a bit, letting you back down through an ethereal haze in the remaining minutes for a harmonious decent.

In the right setting, Darsombra‘s “Climax Community” is genius and I fully recommend giving it the time it’s worth, even if that means layering it with other aspects of your life. Sit back and relax in your acid bath; allow the sound to wash over you and share in the experience it creates.

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