Darkthrone - The Underground ResistanceRight, music elite, especially the black metal elite should fuck off for the time being, because it’s time for a new Darkthrone record. Darkthrone’s latest opus is titled “The Underground Resistance” and is bound for release on the 25th of February through Peacevile Records. I had a wee listen.

Since their “Cult Of Goliath” record I have been very interested in what the atomic duo of Nocturno Culto and Fenriz would come up with next. Safe to say that all the predecessors up until this latest release have been absolutely outstanding. The culmination of different playing styles and influences from speed, thrash and black metal definitely has been one of the best ever. Let’s not forget the crusty trademark guitar sound thanks to a hint punk.

The approach of co-composition by Nucturno Culto and Fenriz gives each of the last four predecessors a unique variety. Darkthrone’s “The Underground Resistance” is no different. It contains everything you’d come to expect from a Darkthrone release, if you’ve been a fan of the “Cult of Goliath”, “F.O.A.D”, “Dark Thrones and Black Flags” and of course “Circle The Wagons”.

The album consists of 6 tracks, 3 written by Fenriz and 3 written by Nocturno Culto. The culmination of the different writing styles makes it something to measure up to. The riffs are simple, crushing and maintains that speed/thrash metal edge. The drumming is spot on and crashing of the cymbals really accentuates the guitar riffs instead of just crushing the absolute shit out of them. The vocal work from the legendary duo is as entertaining as always.

Some of the tracks are a lot longer than those on the previous mentioned records. But who cares? It’s fucking Darkthrone! I can see some of these being classic hits and for me personally ‘Come Warfare, The Entire Doom’, ‘Leave No Cross Unturned’ and ‘Lesser Men’ are fucking ripping! But so is the rest of the album. There is even some awesome “speed metal” like vocal work on ‘Leave No Cross Unturned’, which reminds me of bands like Nasty Savage, Speedtrap and even Spellcaster! It’s ’84/’85-tastic. I just made that up, fuck you.

The phrase “speed metal punk” comes to mind when you listen to “The Underground Resistance” record and it is definitely my favourite sound of their entire discography. Like I said, it’s fucking Darkthrone man! This will be the most rad-est record of 2013, mark my words.

So do yourself a favour and get this record, it’s fucking sweet! Even if that means groceries and other “necessities” need to be sacrificed! It is an absolute phenomenal record!

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