Dark Stares - Tell Your FriendsDespite its instructional/demanding title, I’m not too sure I’ll be telling my friends about this EP. Dark Stares show promise, but the jury needs to return a verdict before it’s time to grab the megaphone.

I hope it’s more a case of this being a platform to improve on, rather than a sign of what’s to come. Having heard some of their other material, I do wonder how a couple of these songs found their way onto this release.

“Tell Your Friends” is characterised by decent, if unremarkable, instrumentals to accompany words that say little. The chorus of ‘Long Live The King’ is a good example: “Face coming down where you hit the ground/Tell all your friends there’s a new king in town/To steal your crown”. It just doesn’t mean much, but that doesn’t stop them repeating it over and over. And over and over…

They show some range over four tracks, which is, of course, half the point of an EP. ‘We Are The Kings Tonight’ is the slower number, but this too puts rhyme before reason, with only slightly more thought than Oasis‘ poorer efforts (‘She’s got a sister/And God only knows how I’ve missed her/And on the palm of her hand there’s a blister’) or Des’ree (‘I don’t want to see a ghost/It’s the sight that I fear most/I’d rather eat a piece of toast/Watch the evening news).

For me, any upcoming album needs to be more ‘Whisky’ and ‘Invaders’ than the two middle tracks. They’re hardly Shakespeare or Homer, but the opener and the closer just avoid lyrics that are too paper thin.

‘Whisky’ has received a bit of airplay on Xfm, which should do the band a few favours. And all four songs are catchy enough after a few listens, but I won’t be holding my breath for anything out of the ordinary from Dark Stares.

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