Cystic Dysentery - Culture of DeathAs arguably one of the birth places (if not THE) of death metal back in the 80’s with Morbid Angel, the heritage of Florida to extreme metal is ripe and celebrated. So it comes as no surprise really that a band like Cystic Dysentery should appear from the state; although from Jacksonville, rather than Tampa.

Released eight years from their formation, Cystic Dysentery’s debut album “Culture Of Death” firmly shows that these guys have spent a lot of time listening and pouring over their Morbid Angel, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse albums. This is your typical, old school death metal right down to a tee. Encapsulating the feel entirely through the dirty, gritty tone, song structures, groove element and even atmosphere; “Culture Of Death” shows an album which is not pushing the boundaries by any stretch. Much like Dying Fetus there is a degree of technicality in the riffing but not a dominating amount. Vocally as well it shares the very familiar, quite one dimensional growls of such bands.

Not a ground breaking band in the slightest then, but also much like their peers, this is bloody good fun. Possibly a degree of aping here but they have at least gone to the trouble of writing some very decent songs. Characteristically silly song titles a plenty here (‘Engulfed In Feces’ anyone?), combined with some great grooves and very strong songs make “Culture Of Death” very much worth punt.

Far from being an evolutionary work, “Culture Of Death” show stacks of hero worship; but the fact that Cystic Dysentery have remembered to write some very fun and strong songs makes this a definitely recommended work. If the names of the aforementioned bands get you excited then this will happily sit well in your collection.

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