Crossfaith - Apocalyze [Review]Metal is evolving. Every 6 months some crazy new sub-genre emerges from the fornication of two unrelated other sub-genres of two polar opposite genres and until this experimentation and growth reaches an apex we will not see a return of all those plain old styles we held dear become popular once again.

Crossfaith know this and are working hard to ensure that this boundary pushing continues and that they are spearheading the movement. Those who heard the band’s cover of ‘Omen’ by The Prodigy, will know what a force they can be, but was that just a fluke? Can Crossfaith deliver that same intensity when every beat and note has to come from their own creative juices? According to their recent long player release “Apocalyze,” yes, they fucking can!

Fitting then that opener ‘We Are The Future,’ is reported to be about bands not wishing to sound like anyone else and from the first notes the band has you by the small intestine. All angry vocals, riffs and samples that sound like Nine Inch Nails washing some cocaine down with a can of Monster energy drink while in a particularly bad mood. And then the Dubstep kicks in…

‘Hounds of Apocalypse’ is as close to “regular” metal as the band gets, which essentially means the track has a little more guitars and drums and a little less samples and keys, which isn’t to say they don’t also drive the song, just not as dominating. ‘Eclipse’ is perhaps a little cheesy, but by no means a poor track, before ‘The Evolution’ takes us back to “da metulz” with a ludicrously catchy chorus given the musical stylings. Whilst ‘Scarlett’ mixes things up a bit with a toned down middle 8 sung by a female, which gives an interesting light and shade feel, both on the track and on the album as a whole.

Being Japanese often makes for an interesting pronunciation of English words, but to be honest, the style the band has chosen to express itself in and with the gain turned right up on the microphone, it’s hard to tell Koie Kenta from any other vocalist currently doing the rounds.

That said, it is still a phenomenal album and this coupled with the upcoming Kerrang! Tour alongside Nekrogoblin and Limp Bizkit is sure to propel them to greater heights. I already anticipate a main stage slot for these boys at Download 2014 (although the tent would be so much better).

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