Corsair - Corsair

Virginia band Corsair is set to release their album entitled “Corsair” this January via Shadow Kingdom Records. Corsair’s album “Corsair” starts out on a very psychedelic note. ‘Agathyrsi’ sets the stage for a wonderful listening experience. The thing that strikes me first is the bass line that is woven throughout the song. The guitars have that 70s feel to them, very bell bottom blue jeans, wind-swept desert planes, and orange sun setting behind mountains of varying shades of brown.

‘Agathyrsi’ feels like freedom. The breakdown at 2:52 is gobsmacking. The guitar and bass have different melodies yet meet up on certain notes. It’s just a beautiful listen. By 3:38 there is a variation on the theme. ‘Agathyrsi’ is an instrumental and a lovely one to listen to at that.

‘Chaemera’ is a cross between a Jackson Brown song and a Thin Lizzy song. ‘Chaemera’ has a lot of momentum. Again, it’s Jordan Brunk’s bass line that propels the song forward. While on the song ‘Falconer’, Paul Sebring and Marie Landragin’s guitar work stands out. Again, there is a very heavy Thin Lizzy vibe to the song. Everything about the album “Corsair” is light and airy and relaxing. The twin guitar solo is really good. It leads nicely into the ‘Gryphon Wing’. ‘Gyrphon Wing’ boasts a different singer than the previous tracks. That doesn’t matter so much as a lot of ‘Gryphon Wing’ is amazing guitar work. One would think you might get bored listening to songs that are heavily instrumental tracks, but that doesn’t happen with Corsair. The guitars sing. It’s just so peaceful to listen to.

The second half of the album gives us ‘Path of the Chosen Arrow’. It moves like a 50s type sock hop song interlaced with early 80s pop music. ‘Path of the Chosen Arrow’ is the perfect sound track for greasers and pink ladies. Don’t get comfy because Corsair pulls a fast one on you. At 3:32ish, the entire style of the song changes. It’s a mix between Seattle grunge and progressive rock. If you say nothing else about Corsair, say that their music is dynamic and enthralling. Much like the instrumental ‘Mach’. Closing out the album are the tracks ‘Of Kings and Cowards’ and ‘The Desert’.

If you are an aficionado of guitar work, pick up a copy of Corsair’s “Corsair”. Corsair won’t disappoint you.

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