Corrupt Moral Altar - Whisky Sierra [Review]Ever seen a mangled car wreck and wanted to look away but been morbidly drawn to it? Ever smelled something foul and recoiled, but had to take another sniff just to check it really was that repugnant? Ever picked a huge scab and it hurt, but in a perversely enjoyable way so you keep tweaking and feeling the jolts of pain? That’s Corrupt Moral Altar. They are fucking nasty and you need to hear them.

That’s not to say they’re devoid of musicality. Sludge riffs nestle in between anarchic bursts of grind and Chris Reese‘s vocals range from frighteningly angry to unhealthily angry. The title track itself veers between metal, crust and Oi! like a mad dog running through traffic. ‘Lord’ just hurts. Nails, Fugazi, Carcass and Celtic Frost all called to mind in a rather wonderful pot of piss and vinegar.

‘Politics Is A Bargain Between Beggars’ calls to mind the spectacular fury and wanton violence of early Napalm Death cuts but feels more cohesive and has a little more direction. This is a cut remastered from their original demo (as is closer ‘You Don’t Have To Go To Clown College’) and sounds pleasingly fresh and brutal. Barely holding together as songs, bursting at the seams with rage and bile, this is a masterclass in unhinged aural aggression, staying far enough within the bounds of insanity to demonstrate technical ability and drop a few hooks, but always feeling like it’s about to collapse into some sonic black hole.

My first encounter with Corrupt Moral Altar was when they supported the mighty Dripback and despite being short of a bass player they ploughed on regardless and pummelled the crowd rather nicely. Off the back of that performance I ordered a copy of their “Luciferian Deathcult” EP immediately and thoroughly enjoyed it. Knowing they are a promising live act and having heard the progression from the last EP to this, it’s exciting to know these Mersey lads could be at the forefront of a grind resurgence in the near future. I cannot recommend this highly enough. “Whiskey Sierra” is disgusting and beautiful and sick and glorious. Go buy it and see them give Magrudergrind a run for their money.

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