Conqueror - Reality CheckSo, you like extreme music with a lot of speed and intensity? Well, South Africa hardcore maniacs Conqueror are at it again with their latest EP titled “Reality Check”. This a is a follow up to their previous one titled “Truth Seeker”, which from the name seems pretty average, right? Wrong! In fact it’s more than just the average hardcore, it has a very grindcore/fastcore edge to it especially in terms of riffs and drumming, so it does have power violence element to it.

The four Piece speed terror machine Conqueror consists of Ross, Richard, Chris and Pieter. They recently acquired a new Bass player, to be officially confirmed by the band. “Reality Check”, the EP consists of 5 killer tracks that is an unrelenting assault on the senses for about 6 minutes. The most intense 6 minutes you have ever experienced. However, it isn’t just all speed, there is a bit of variation that keeps it interesting.

If you look at the EP itself, it starts off where “Truth Seeker” left off in terms of intensity and just straight up ripping you a new fuck hole, it does however offer one some respite at the start of the 5th track which is pretty fucking heavy in itself, just a bit slower, which is excellent. Not only can they turn your mind to pink mist with fast, intense and ferocious riffs and drumming, but also with slower tracks. The mood is pretty much the same for the last track.

Over all it is an adrenaline fueled rage that has been put down into music that will obliterate your senses. Absolutely amazing!

The sound itself is very unique and the band makes a definite contribution to the extreme music “scene” in South Africa if you can call it that. Definitely something to look out for if it is you’re into bands such as Extortion, Outbreak, Eye-Gouge!, Spazz, Iron Mind, INFEST, HOAX and Xbrainiax .

So for once I can actually recommend our readers to check out a band from South Africa. Conqueror will not disappoint!

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