Cokegoat - VesselI have been a little wound in chicago metal lately, spent the last day and half with Bongripper and been listening to Trouble, Earthen Grave and of course Novembers Doom. So out pops a deathly doom releases from the windy city outfit Cokegoat. Their debut “Vessel” is currently available and with my love of Chicago metal lets see where these doom dealers land on the scene.

‘Fear the Followers’ comes in on a rather aggressive sounding punk note and quickly descends into face melting death style metal. Its fast and furious with an overlay of aggressive vocals courtesy of Ed Nudd. His delivery provides the near perfect overlay for the sound on this opener. The next track ‘Buried in the City’ takes a little fork in the metal road and heads toward doom city. Its low, repeating driving riffs and beat, a really great slice of doom. No death metal style vocals here, more visceral doom style, sheer emotional release. This is only the first two tracks and so much is packed in already. The variation in style really gives the listener a multi-dimensional experience, its not the same, no expectation, just bone crushing aggressive release.

Personal favorites for me are ‘Dogs’ as it represents a perfect track for their doom style. More up-tempo but also brings it low and slow when needed, shows how versatile they can be within a song. Versatility is such a key ingredient to music. Very few can stick to one recipe for a career. For the same type of reason another highlight for me is ‘Fly By Night, Pt. 2’ as this bends around the more death metal corner. It fast, its aggressive and in your face. High quality on all instruments, further accentuates their potential.

Chicagos newest addition, Cokegoat, has found a permanent slot alongside their counterparts as a force to be reckoned with. They have a vicious blend of styles while adding their own mark to the landscape. This is only their debut, one can only expect more dynamic music in the future. My eyes are firmly fixed to the Chicago show schedules as I have a feeling that as good as this is in the headphones, the live sound will be even better. Cokegoat, another must listen release for the year. Cokegoat I applaud you!

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