Ah Friday, the end of the week, the beginning of the weekend, and what better than to welcome the weekend in with than an evening of high octane music from the Swiss noise merchants Coilguns. Comprising of 3/5 of The Ocean, Coilguns are  polar opposites of their more progressive alter-egos, preferring short sharp bursts of intense post-hardcore goodness.

Arriving in Leicester for the penultimate show of their short UK stint in support of their stunning debut album “Commuters“, Coilguns set about upholding their reputation as a highly energetic live band. Frontman Louis Jucker, in particular, enhancing his reputation of involving the crowd in the performance as much as possible.

After rounding up a handful of fresh-faced, impressional teens from what appeared to be a school based concert in the upstairs room, Louis Jucker announced the show was to begin. Within seconds of the first notes of  ‘Zoetropist’ being played, Jucker was face to face with the crowd, the intimate venue allowing him to explore the room unabated. Guitarist Jona Nido and drummer Luc Hess were tight. Nido was especially impressive when you take into account the monstrous pedal board he uses, it was huge and created a vat amount of jealousy in this writer…

The show continued, as did Jucker‘s “crowd fighting” with a wrestling takedown on a crowd member that resulted in a multi-body pile on from which the vocals continued to emerge. Smiles and devil’s horns were shared all round as each participant got back to their feet.  Jucker now atop the shoulders of the guy he put to the floor minutes before, shared the vocal duties with him too. Despite the physical nature of Jucker‘s performance there was nothing but a friendly, fun atmosphere in the room.

Things took a more mellow route as they played ‘Blunderbuss Committee’, Hess stepping away from the drums and picking up the bass and Jucker now too donned a guitar. The calm lasted for mere minutes as normal service was resumed for the set closer ‘Earthians’. An impromptu, and thoroughly democratically chosen, encore ‘Parkensine’ rounded off the superb night. Everyone went home smiling, perhaps with one or two bruises but with the lasting sounds of Coilguns ringing in their ears.

Taking tracks from their recent full-length debut “Commuters” and the “Stadia Rods” EP, Coilguns have matured from a energy releasing side project to a full blown entity worthy of respect in their own right. It’s fair to say that Coilguns are one of the most exciting live bands around at the moment, putting on both a stunning aural and inclusive visual show. Just be prepared to join in, trust me it’s more fun if you do… Catch them if you can next time they hit these shores.

Coilguns setlist:
Flippists / Privateers
Commuters Part 1/2 (short version)
Hypnograms / Machines of Sleep
Plug-in Citizens
Submarine Warfare Anthem
Blunderbuss Committee


Coilguns – Facebook Page

Photos by Ross Allen.