CodeJak - Times of ConflictIf you only remember one thing from this review, then it needs to be this… If you have never heard CodeJak before, they are one of the finest bands you will ever discover! With a crusty, sleazy, alternative rock vibe to it, “Times of Conflict” is a record that will have you singing along, bouncing up and down and saying to yourself: “Wow. These guys are freaking awesome”. Made up of 11 amazing rock anthems that sound like what would happen if the Foo Fighters had a brawl with The Buzzcocks, CodeJak have released an astounding debut album that they should be extremely proud of and by god will you be playing it for some time to come.

Tracks such as ‘The Ballad of Jenny G’ (Which isn’t really that much of a ballad), the lead single ‘Hell Yeah’ and the fist pounding anthem that is ‘When I Fall’ start this album with a bang, kicking in with all guns blazing and showing the listener in just over twelve minutes who CodeJak are and what they stand for. Every track on “Times of Conflict” could be a single in its very own way, presenting the listener with 11 songs that are completely different from the last.

Being on the road with the likes of Sham 69 and Fozzy has clearly turned CodeJak into a rather professional sounding band. Not only do tracks such as ‘Pull Out the Knife’, ‘Start Again’ and ‘Fall Back From Grace’ sound huge, they also sound like they have been recorded by a well known, established artist thanks to the clean cut and incredible mixing and mastering that has been done to the tracks on this album. That professional approach to CodeJak‘s music really sets them apart from most of the bands out on the scene at the moment, showing that the guys in CodeJak are willing to go the full mile and put 110% effort into making their music as perfect as possible.

The punky vibe that is present all the way throughout “Times of Conflict” is the main driving force behind this record and because of this fast paced, energetic, kick in the balls -“Times of Conflict” is over before its even began. These tracks are so good and there simply enough of them on the album. If you don’t have this album running constantly on repeat after the first time you hear it, then you are either crazy or deaf, for this is quite evidently one of the finest debuts from a rising UK based rock band, making your jaw hit the floor and eyes bulge out of their sockets the moment you hit play.

“Times of Conflict” is an album every music fan needs in their collection. It’s bold, it’s bombastic and it’s brilliant! 2013, is the year that CodeJak hit the big league and “Times of Conflict” is the astounding debut album that will get them the recognition and appreciation they deserve!

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