Cloud Rat - MokshaImagine being angry because the way women around the world are treated, vegan stuff and then promote self-empowerment in the same breathe. Got that mental image? Now picture a woman yelling about those things over a barrage of noise. That my fellow grindcore lovers is a band called Cloud Rat, in a nutshell! Female fronted 3-piece grindcore terror, that hails from Michigan, US of A!

Yes, I know you’re thinking “But Berns, does this mean Cloud Rat is the US’ answer to Wormrot?”, yes and no, very much no. Cloud Rat is in a class of its own to an extent, but that isn’t entirely true either.

Confused? Good, my work here is done, however, I digress; Cloud Rat will release their second full-length album later this year titled” Moksha”. The record is a culmination of straight up grindcore with a slower, more sludgy/doomy feel to some of the tracks. The riffs are either furiously fast and intense or slow and sludgy, now combine that and you have a Cloud Rat track with some excellent vocal work, which just adds to that sheer rawness and intensity.

Imagine grinding up rotten organs to a sludge rhythm, which is pretty much it. The band has their own way of doing it and that makes them stand out from being just another grindcore band. Not that there is anything wrong with being straight up grind your mind into pink mist grindcore, but it does extend it a wee bit.

If you are a fan of bands such as Full of Hell, Bacchus, Fistula, and Nolentia, this Cloud Rat is definitely what you want to pick up next.

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