Weeks ago I was scanning the internet for any interesting concerts I might want to attend. I noticed that one of my favorite venues “The Intersection” was hosting Chimaira on August 18. This automatically caught my eye. Chimaira has always been a favorite band of mine ever since I discovered their sophomore album “The Impossibility of Reason,” and after listening to their latest album “Crown of Phantoms” I purchased my ticket.

Now, “The Intersection” is a small venue located in downtown Grand Rapids. A little over a hour for me to drive there. The maximum capacity is 1800 with limited seating. One of the better venues I’ve been where the sound and lighting are enjoyable. I’ve attended multiple concerts here and have always walked out after each show with nothing but positive things to say.

On the day of the concert I was one of the first ones in the building. Ordered a beer and found a spot to wait at the barrier wall. After enjoying the opening bands Bury the Silence, Dark Sermon and Threat Signal, Chimaira emerged from the darkness and proceeded to destroy my expectations throughout the night. Mixing their play list with old Chimaira classics such as “Powertrip,” “Pure Hatred,” Resurrection,” “The Venom Inside,” and “Destroy and Dominate,” and the latest, “All That’s Left Is Blood,” and “I Despise,” the band sounded tight. I found myself watching each member individually mastering their instrument. Mark Hunter‘s vocals were ferocious and menacing. He interacted great with the crowd, and in turn the fans’ response was huge. The duo of Emil Werstler and Matt Szlachta on lead and rhythm guitar along with Jeremy Creamer on bass were perfect. Their riffs were so heavy throughout the night. that I could feel them still shaking in my bones hours after the show. Austin D’amond was a beast behind the drum kit. From where I was standing I had a great view of the drums but watching Austin was sometimes difficult. The kit was set up next to the smoke machine so Austin would disappear for awhile. It amazed and amused me that the sound he was putting out was so great with such limited sight. Sean Zatorsky‘s keyboards shined and also his backing vocals meshed with Hunter’s marvelously.

My only complaint for the night was I wished the attendance number had been higher. I just feel like a lot of Michigan metal fans missed out on a killer show. Now that being said I used the small crowd to my advantage. I’m not that tall so I didn’t have to try to look over taller people like I find myself doing at most shows. I also didn’t have a problem finding a spot at the barrier wall which paid off at the end when Mark Hunter jumped off the stage to give handshakes or high fives to the people in the front row. Now the people who did attend were awesome. Crowd surfing over the barrier, circle pits and some great walls of death were observed. One of the ways to measure how great a show is for me is find out how sore my neck is the day after the concert. Well I woke up and my neck was KILLING me!

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