chasing dragons - take flight for a firefightI was excited to be given this band to review as a woman who loves music, it’s fantastic to hear a band with a lead female vocalist. Not knowing what to expect when I started listening “Take Flight for A Firefight” by Chasing Dragons,  I was instantly blown away by Tank’s vocals, she is smooth, powerful, and soulful all at the same time. While the guitars and drums hold court with her and showcase the bands signature sound to the fullest.

The first track ‘Spawn of the Succubus’ has great guitar riffs while Tank controls the mood of the song with a similarity to Amy Lee. So, here you are pumped from the first song when the second track ‘Mirror’s Edge’ kicks in and takes you in a different direction, very melodic, reminding you of a story being played out in song. Which leads us into an expectation of melodic and huge guitars but instead you’re treated to a killer bluesy version of ‘Black Velvet’. This is by far the best cover of this song I have ever heard before. Tank’s voice is smooth and gritty where you’re feeling every note.

Moving forward into ‘Seeds of Tomorrow’ we totally changes lanes as you get an almost pop song vibe that is modern and smooth; it’s not one of my favorite tracks but I can see where some who likes Avril Lavigne will like it. I felt that it did not showcase Tank’s vocals and it was easily forgettable. Up next is ‘City of Steel’,  again it’s not a barn burner of a song, the guitar riffs are good but again it’s a popish song that did nothing for me, I can listen to it, but I was not going blown over with the composition. ‘Into the Pit’ (a Demo Remix) is one I did like, it has a great flow even though I thought maybe Tank was holding back a bit, but with saying that it’s a good song .

Compared to ‘Under the Earth’ another Demo Remix, I can say this song has a good base to it but again I think the guitars and drums drown out Tank’s voice, it’s a damn good song but I wanted to hear her come forward more instead of the guitars. Also included is an acoustic version ‘Spawn of the Succubus’ and WOW, this one makes me go, yes, that’s what I wanted to hear. A stripped down song that showcases the grittiness of the singer and the power of this song, this was a good choice to include. Closing is another acoustic version this time of ‘Into the Pit’ and again this one I like a lot better than the studio version of this song. It has power, melodies and a haunting feel to it that makes you want to listen to it over and over.

Since the release of this CD the band has undergone a change and the drummer Tom has left the band and has been replaced by Kate. Go ahead do yourself a favor pick it up, if you like Avenged Sevenfold and Dream Theater I think you will enjoy this one as well.

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