Celeb Car Crash - Ambush! [Review]Celeb Car Crash are an Italian four-piece lead with heart throb good looks and the husky, burnt sugar vocals of Nicola Briganti – he’s like Chris Cornell with all the sharp edges sanded down. In fact there’s is very much a sound grounded in grunge, but the safer, less histrionic second wave. Not the crazy time signatures or wailing Robert Plant-isms of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden. More Nickelback than Nirvana that’s for sure.

Celeb Car Crash have certainly mastered the blend of minor key gloom and major key stadium rock and every track has the same grunge-lite sound down to a tee. Such is the uniformity of feel and pace on this album, married to the non-threatening vocals and polite rocking of the band that very little raises itself above above the glossy FM radio niceness to grab you by the ears. To be fair some of the fault may lie in the production which seems to have smothered everything in a digital blanket of fuzzy sterility.

‘Blinded by the Light’ does have some cool Slash-esque guitar parts and ‘Something Wrong About Him’ has a big radio-friendly chorus, which has succeeded in worming it’s way into my subconscious. But in general on songs like ‘Jerk’ and ‘The Runaways’ the band start like they’re gonna rock out and then bland out at shocking speed.  And while this is going on you’re looking further down tracklisting with mild trepidation. There lurks ‘I Am The Walrus’. The world needs another Beatles cover like it needs a new album from Ringo. I’m glad when it’s over is all I’ll say, apart from that the drumming’s better than the original.

The band redeem themselves somewhat with the next and final tune ‘Bushido (Life In Every Breath)’ which emerges from it’s acoustic intro with real intent and is convincingly dramatic and windswept, where so much before has lacked it’s intensity. Well done to the band for going out on a relative high!

So in terms of celebrity car crashes this release is more George Michael trundling into Snappy Snaps than Marc Bolan hurtling into a tree.

The band are playing in London next month and live I’d hope for a lot more spikiness and passion.

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