It took a year to happen but Cancer Bats finally got to play their set on the Main Stage at Download. Along with many others, they were victims of the atrocious weather that hit last year’s festival and had their set cut from the bill. Although they did get to rage on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage with at a late night slot. Thankfully, the rain abated and although the sun wasn’t shining Cancer Bats took to the stage.

Wasting no time with pleasantries the Toronto hardcore four-piece launched into the their set with ‘Bricks & Mortar’ and the assembled masses went suitably apeshit! ‘Trust No One’ and ‘Road Sick’ added some fuel to the fine before the fan favourite ‘Lucifer’s Rocking Chair’ really got the party started with circle pits erupting all over the floor…

Liam Cormier prowled the stage before taking his customary venture into the crowd as Scott MiddletonJaye R. Schwarzer, and Mike Peters kept the wagons rolling. The trip back through Cancer Bat‘s early catalogue continued with the classic ‘Pneumonia Hawk’ and the mischievous ‘Sorceress,’ before returning to their most recent album “Dead Set On Living” for ‘R.A.T.S’.

The unmistakable bassline from the Beastie Boys classic ‘Sabotage’ blasted from the speakers, providing the catalyst for the crowd to lose their shit even more, if that was possible. Circle pits sprung up from every corner and the entire crowd in front of the main stage became a writhing sea of bodies. As if that wasn’t enough, the set closer and seminal Cancer Bats track ‘Hail Destroyer’ took things to a level that was off the scale…

It was a year too late but well worth the wait. Cancer Bats are riding on the crest a wave right now and we say, long may it continue!

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Photo credit: Andrew Whitton Photography

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