Calvaiire - ForcepsInformation is a bit scant on French hardcore newcomers Calvaiire. What is certain is that in just a little under two years since forming, the four piece have managed to release one of the most impressive and uncompromising debuts I have heard in a long time. After a quick blast of feedback, the album starts off at a furious pace. The first two tracks ‘Foi Borgne’ and ‘Fletreissure’ both fly by in under two minutes each, the latter is just a little slower but equally as chaotic as the first. The first sign of the pace slowing down is during ‘Atra Bilis’ and ‘Aux Porcs’, although that is only a temporary lull. This soon gives way as the album fires back up to the intense, claustrophobic monster that it had started as earlier.

There are nods to bands such as Kvelertak, Converge and Trap Them. It also references the recently reformed Sikth, such is the way the album twists and turns along its way. The thick layer of distortion which covers the entire album disguises just how technical and complex this band are. Vocally, it feels sometimes like they are trapped within the murk of the music and occasionally escape before being dragged back into the mire.

Be prepared, this is a release full of dischordant, distorted nihilism from the very first note to the last, and is not an album to be taken lightly. “Forceps” takes no prisoners and sets out to flatten everything in its path, and it succeeds. One of my favourite things about having the opportunity to write about the music that I love is taking a risk when choosing a band I have never heard before and it turns out to be as stunning as this.The 28 minute assault finishes with ‘Meurtrieres’, which ties the whole album together by bringing together all of the different moods together in one last three minute aural battering.

A band equally adept with everything from slow misanthropic doom, to ferocious hardcore, this is a very promising sign of things to come. What makes it even better is that those nice people over at Throatruiner Records have made this album available as a free download (as with most of their roster) as well as being released on vinyl. A no risk deal, with limited edition physical releases to buy to help ensure the future of the exciting young label.

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