Call of the Void - Dragged Down a Dead End PathWith the recent untimely demise of Gaza, who put out one of 2012’s best albums with “No Absolutes in Human Suffering”, it seemed that those who get their thrills from abrasive, crusty grindcore would have to wait until Trap Them wiped the blood from their noses and re-entered the studio. Fear not however, for with “Dragged Down a Dead End Path” Denver residents Call of the Void have not only recorded a record that satisfies the aforementioned yearnings, but one that should appeal to anyone who likes their music fast, angry and above all, extreme.

Employing a wide array of sounds, ranging from D-Beat to Sludge, it’s evident that Call of the Void are well versed in what sounds nasty and are eager to demonstrate their knowledge. First track ‘Failure’ tears out of the speakers with enough ferocity to leave no one in doubt they mean business. Built around a simple powerviolence riff, the track provides the listener with enough time to destroy their possessions in three minutes before moving onto the even faster ‘Theory of Mind’ which rages and thrashes to strong effect before degenerating into a flea-bitten sludge riff that serves to emphasise the squalid atmosphere. There’s no time to catch your breath before the spittle-flecked grind of ‘Bottom Feeder’ grabs you by the collar to scream abuse in your face before rubbing your nose in the filth you’ve left on the carpet. In a word, ugly.

The crusty dirge of ‘Endless Ritual Abuse’ is a harrowing journey through the crawlspace where the bodies of Napalm Death and His Hero Is Gone are buried while the unsettling dissonance of ‘Abomination’ is like discovering that the members of Discordance Axis are still alive, they’ve just been chained up for years in the cellar with dirty needles sticking out of their eyes. The heaviness is jacked up a notch on the chugging barrage of ‘Breeding Grounds which hints at an appreciation for the hardcore end of the spectrum, but listing all of Call of the Void’s influences is an exercise in futility for not only would it take forever, it wouldn’t do justice to their cold-eyed grasp of extreme metal and seemingly unstoppable desire to make you sit up and notice the fury spewing forth from all 26 minutes of “Dragged Down a Dead End Path.” So if you’re missing some venom in your life, get jacked up on this record as soon as possible and let the hate take over.

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