Buckcherry - ConfessionsIt has been two and a half years since the Californian hard rock band Buckcherry released their last album but with the start of a new year comes the release of album number six, “Confessions”.

The theme of the album is based around the 7 deadly sins; greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath etc – I’m sure you have seen the film with Brad Pitt in.  These themes are linked together through the tales of vocalist Josh Todd, characterising his childhood and early teenage years as he made the transition from boy to man.  The overarching theme is part of a bigger picture that Todd has developed that includes a short film written by him and visualises the story told through the music and lyrics of the album.

Despite the strong lyrical themes this is by no means a concept album and each song stands alone nicely on its own, it is only when you dig deeper into the lyrics that you start to reveal the ties that bind the songs together.

Now I have to confess that on first listen to the album I wasn’t impressed, thinking it sounded remarkably similar to “Apocalyptic Love”, the album released last year by the top hatted wonder, Slash.  It has that L.A. kind of sound to it, sleazy and hard-hitting rock songs told with a swagger and a covering of tattoos.  “Confessions” is a grower though, now onto the 5th time round of listening I am recognising certain tracks and starting to hum along, continuing to do so long after I have finished listening as these songs really stick in your head.

Opening track ‘Gluttony’ is the first single to be released from the album but my stand out track is the second song ‘Wrath’, a real snarling statement that includes some really great lyrics, delivered in a deadpan monotone challenging the listener with lines such as:

“hey man you think your strong enough to play this game?
it’s gonna burn like acid rain, you’re gonna need some sutures”

So it’s cheesy, so it is about as American as a Golden Eagle wrapped in the Stars and Stripes soaring high over Mount Rushmore but the key thing is that it does it well and is going to make a great album for the car or played outdoors around a BBQ once if the weather warms up.

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