Brotherhood Of The Lake - Desperation Is The English Way Volume 2Getting straight to the point, Brotherhood Of The Lake are a fucking angry band. It is hard to think of any band that these fair isles have produced which tap in to that pure, genuine, unrelenting rage that these guys do; showing perfectly on last years “Desperation Is The English Way”. Now 2013 sees the follow up in the saga, and it is as grim as ever.

“Volume 2” sees the Plymouth quartet in a continued state of aggravation and anguish which never looks like diminishing. The intensity of the fury and frustration on display is quite startling; Robert Clark offering a volatile and convincingly pissed off performance, matched by the rest of the band’s crushing wall of noise.

Whilst both parts are philosophically parallel, sonically “Volume 2” sees them taking a slightly different route without making a radical departure. Invoking traits from modern hardcore acts with nods to post hardcore and death metal, part 2 shows a rawer side; far more in tune with crust and grindcore, with some sludge thrown into the mix, whilst maintaining the band’s ferocity. At times there are even moments of post rock like the female vocal fronted, slow and melodic opening to ‘Black Gates’.

Where “Volume 1” delivered from seemingly out of nowhere, “Volume 2” comes to the fray with a greater weight of expectation and doesn’t quite hit the same mark as before, but is still a pulverising effort with the uncompromising bile and venom of a pack of wolves. As great as this “Desperation” saga has been, it sure sounds like  Brotherhood Of The Lake need a cuddle.

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