Born of Osiris - Tomorrow We Die Alive [Review]Since forming in 2003; Chicago tech-metallers, Born of Osiris, have gone from strength to strength in becoming one of the hottest bands on the modern metal scene. Now in 2013, they are back with their fourth studio album entitled “Tomorrow We Die Alive” – perhaps their finest record to date; made up of 11 of the heaviest, grooviest, most technical metal anthems in history.

Opening with the symphonic charge of ‘Machine’, Born of Osiris have clearly evolved and matured their sound a hell of a lot since their previous effort, “The Discovery.” Whilst the obvious, progressive, tech-metal elements are still evidently present in their sound, songs such as ‘Mindful’ and ‘The Origin’ are a cut above anything else Born of Osiris have released before. The already insane musicianship has developed even further, the production is crystal clear, and the songs are incredibly catchy and memorable, meaning that if Born of Osiris had written a record like this earlier, then they would be a hell of a lot bigger than what they are now.

“Tomorrow We Die Alive” is truly an all killer no filler record – and with tracks such as ‘Imaginary Condition’, ‘Source Field’ and ‘Vengeance’ bringing up the rear end of the album, it is clear that Born of Osiris have picked the cream of the crop to go on this album! Every track on “Tomorrow We Die Alive” could easily be slotted into a Born of Osiris set and people would quite happily lose their shit to them. Originally opting for more of a deathcore approach on their first few releases, they have still managed to convey and maintain the brutality found in their original sound on “Tomorrow We Die Alive,” simply adding a more melodic edge to make their sound more accessible.

Sure, the keyboard lines may be a huge part of Born of Osiris’s sound, but do they have to have a symphonic opening to every single one of their songs? Some of the songs simply don’t need the extensive futuristic sounding intro. ‘Absolution’, ‘Aeon III’ and ‘Illusionist’ would still be incredible songs if they ploughed into the knitty gritty of things from the word go. It isn’t something that spoils the album, but the songs don’t really need the frilly intros attached to them.

There have been some incredible releases in 2013 thus far, and no doubt “Tomorrow We Die Alive” will make a fair few people’s albums of the year list. It’s fast paced; high octane fuelled metal at its very best – containing some of the finest metal anthems to have been released this year!

“Tomorrow We Die Alive” is an album you need in your collection, and Born of Osiris is a band anyone who calls themselves a metal head needs in their life!

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