Body Stuff - Body Stuff [Review]When your entire life is music, playing it, touring, recording it, promoting it and throwing live events, there comes that moment in every artist’s career where the thought crosses their mind or someone says to them, you should make a solo album. Pouring your energy into excitement behind other bands and group projects is hard enough with all your own ideas stockpiling in the back closet and I hoping for a free week in the calendar to just work on your own thing.  Whether it flies or flops, solo albums remain the most revealing look into the minds of musicians you thought you knew. Curran Reynolds of Wetnurse and Today is the Day released his first solo EP “Body Stuff” this month on July 23, 2013 through The Path Less Traveled Records, allowing you into his realm of creativity to bear witness to his intricate inner shifting gears.

The first track, ‘The Street Walker’ blends the haunting narrative style of Nick Cave with the gruff weathered reverb of Michael Gira, transitioning through its sonic narrative in ever changing confusion.  What you think is going to just be an eerie spoken tale breaks out into repetitive distorted guitar riffs, bouncing flirtatiously like the swagger of that perfect derrière you just can’t seem to take your eyes off of.  I can just see Jeffree Star totally working it to this riff, too dolled up to be taken seriously but undeniably fabulous as he invites the Blue Oyster Cult drummer on stage to add and infinite amount of cow bell to his little number.  Then you shift into something out of an action movie.  A layer guitar darkens the mood, only to jerk open the blinds and beam rays of super star sun light right into your face, as if you were a rocker trotting down sunset strip.   It was all so much in only two and a half minutes but yet somehow made sense in its rapid diversity.

Sweeping riffs carry you away as if Bono had filled a cameo production spot in ‘Wanted Man.’ Damn Bono.  Why do you have to ruin everything for me, even when it’s not really you?  Stop subliminally influencing and trying to change the world.  We all know you’re evil, but I digress.  The awkward accusations and oddness of the vocals held it out far enough to add intrigue but nothing more on this one.  I suppose it was only meant to be a small peak into someone’s window anyhow.  It’s not your fault though Curran.  I still blame Bono.

Holding on to the echoic vocal style, ‘Year-Ends’ flares with some of his hardcore metal influence and blends the ending with a cocktail of dark jazz, the likes of Norway’s Shining.

‘I Will Be He,’ one of the first songs to be released of “Body Stuff” S/T is one of my favorites; constantly climbing and holding you out over a ledge of steady bass drum.  The bass guitar flows swiftly with the waves of rhythm. La pièce de résistance however was ‘New York Story.’ The haunting rhythmic heartbeat of pleasurable nonexistence, its monotonous drone captured the perfect mood of New York; a disease.  The city has swallowed your being and left you a shell to walk the streets under the glitz and down into to the back allies.  At only 1:45, I would have welcomed much more of this type of thing to the record but I’m in love with the depressoid.

Someone needs to get ‘Beyond Bodies’ on a movie score.  It’s beyond epic.  Not quite sure it would be the song you’d select on your player to listen to over and over but the guitar riff makes me feel like immersed in a rock star montage.  Curran, you might want to consider writing scores for film with free time you don’t have.

If you’re a fan of any of Curran‘s other projects, bands he supports or other oddities like Nick Cave and Michael Gira, “Body Stuff” is a journey into the mind of a New York creep… or artist, same thing.  Don’t let the initial contorted confusion of the album get you.  Let it in and it will rub you the right way.

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