Blood on the Dance Floor - Bad Blood [Review]A lot has been made of Blood on the Dance Floor, so much so that I don’t feel much need to weigh in. You probably already know about their feuds with Kerrang! Magazine, and New Year’s Day, as well as the fact that they look like Black Veil Brides after going 10 rounds with a box of crayons. You without a doubt know that they inspire the kind of devotion from their fanbase that is usually reserved for the likes of One Direction, so yeah, let’s just leave it at that shall we.

The music is what we are here to talk about, Blood on the Dance Floor have a new album out called “Bad Blood,” an album which too be honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect from. So it was with an open mind that I loaded it on my iTunes and hit the play button. Opening track ‘Unchained,’ with the sample lyrics:

“Tried to play me like a fool, But I know I am not one,try to entrap me with your lies & accusations. Fuck you bitch! I’m the freak of the nation,Here’s a bag of dicks, no one give’s a shit. Go and run your mouth, take a knife to your clit, If your talking garbage, making my name tarnished,Put my rep in bondage, rip it up like carnage.”

Which is just charming, I’m sure we can all agree, all the while the band sounds like Brokencyde crossed with the Scissor Sisters, which I’m sure does wonders for the band’s rep.

This is the main problem with Blood on the Dance Floor, the music they make is largely uninspired and is largely derivative of other artists or whatever sound is in trend at the current time of them recording. There is nothing on this album that stands out as being uniquely them, or that you haven’t heard a thousand times somewhere else before, there is a large dubstep presence on the album which is now so overused in modern music it has officially jumped the shark.

Even songs like ‘Redeemer’ that are meant to come across as heartfelt, come across as lazy and clichéd without a hint of genuine emotion to be found anywhere at all. There is not one point whilst listening to this album where I felt invested in anything, there was nothing fun, nothing of any substance or even anything that I would put on and just listen to as background music.

If someone told me that Blood on the Dance Floor were a joke band put together to poke fun, I could kind of understand it, but the fact they are a serious band makes me laugh for entirely different reasons.

For all of their claims and all of their bravado, Blood on the Dance Floor are a band that lacks identity, and lacks a true voice. For all their outrage against the ‘Haters’ who don’t understand and just want to hold them down, that isn’t the reason why people hate you, let me assure you of that, it’s because you are a crass, vulgar, uninspired, idiotic, misogynistic, musically devoid mess of make up and fake posturing that somehow got popular and that is what people have the issue with.

With that said, the worrying thing isn’t the band’s music, it’s more the hold they have over their fans, the teenage girls who idolise these men, who for all intents and purposes seem to have no respect for women, or well anyone really for that matter. It’s a sad state of affairs when music like this made by people like this can become so popular that it causes genuine frenzy amongst today’s youth, but I digress, when the bubble pops and it will sooner rather than later the only thing on the members of Blood on a Dance Floor‘s minds will be whether their brightly coloured hair will clash with their new McDonald’s uniforms.

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