Blodig Alvor - Morkets FrembruddAhhhh Norway. How do I love thee? As long as Norway keeps producing bands that have an amazing sound, I shall always have a shiny place in my heart for the country. Blodig Alvor is my newest Norwegian obsession. This band is funtastic. Their album,  “Morkets Frembrudd”, was released on Indie Recordings and I’m hoping it will be a world wide sensation. Blodig Alvor is an awesome band with very catchy tunes.

Blodig Alvor‘s “Morkets Frembrudd” begins with a stark drum and guitar piece that sounds suspiciously like the opening for Metallica‘s ‘Am I Evil’. it goes into another drum heavy piece called ‘Mr. Molotow’. The song channels the best of 70s southern style heavy metal. The riffage is wickedly familiar, yet fresh and engaging. The song ‘Mr. Molotow’ should be on the heavy rotation in any Texas roadside bar. As long as the beer is flowing and the pool tables are hopping, Blodig Alvor will have a hit with this song. the song is so full of balls and swagger, I suspect it will grow hairs on your chest.

The next song is ‘Start En Revolution’. It’s another freedom flag waving type anthem. The guitars sound quite choice. It may just be a bunch of chords, mostly 1-3-5; but the energy generated by ‘Start En Revolution’ is infectious. Markus Den Ouden sports some nifty clean vocals on this track. So many bands would go for a cookie monster growl. Markus’ vocals are a breath of fresh air. Mad props to true singers!

Blodig Alvor is so choice, they wrote a song about themselves. I think. I don’t speak Norwegian, so I don’t rightly know. This, of course, has not stopped me from singing along! the song ‘Blodig Alvor’ is a jaunty high school type sing along. I love it! it wakes you up and gets you moving. I want to run around my house, grab all my friends, drive somewhere and have a keg party. The band Blodig Alvor inspires that kind of party atmosphere.

‘Svik’ is by far my favourite song on the album. It continues the theme of upbeat funtastic songs. The drums are steady, the guitar solo fiery, the rhythm guitars are moving. It’s a short 2;39, but it’s full of verve and pep. That’s the strongest point of Blodig Alvor‘s “Morkets Frembrudd” – Truls Ringstad and Markus Ouden‘s guitar work. It’s strong and consistent. It’s the foundation for the music and gives each song a solid feel. Blodig Alvor is a band who you want to hear more of because the music and the message doesn’t beat you over the head with a stick. Blodig Alvor is a fun, happy sounding band. “Morkets Frembrudd “compels you to have a good time. Another good point for this album is the vocals and chorus to the songs. You don’t have to know Norwegian to sing along.

If you are looking for a fun, rock album to play at parties, or you want a solid up beat album for long drives, or you are looking for a bit of punk rock attitude; Blodig Alvor‘s “Morkets Frembrudd” is a definite buy!

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