Black Veins - And Hell FollowedBirmingham three piece sludge outfit Black Veins comprise ‘summoner of riff’ Paul, ‘beater of skins’ James and Ben on ‘vo-kills and low end’ have offered up a five brutal track EP, “And Hell Followed,” which flies by in a little over ten minutes and gives further evidence that the domestic metal scene is in a strong state.

Apart from opener ‘Nihilism’, which introduces you to their gloomy vision, the tracks here generally switch between downtuned filth and unruly chaos in the same song, yet the band still sound tight and in full control of where each individual track is heading. The title track is up next and sways from a furious intro that suddenly changes into a slow, heavy assault. ‘Death Crown’ which follows takes that path, and twists it by building up the tempo and anger.

They described their sound on one their flyers as “some fast bits, some slow bits” which pretty much sums them up perfectly. A discordant mixture of hardcore and sludge, more often than not in the same track constantly throw you off guard and make for an uneasy ride, in the best way possible.

Production wise, the sound is spot on, clear enough that nothing gets lost in the mix, but also drowned in distortion. An off kilter approach where nothing is as straight forward as it may seem and it changes pace at a moment notice. Well worth checking out, especially if stuff like Nails, Extreme Noise Terror and Soilent Green are your thing, and a fine addition to a decent UK scene.

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