Black Market Seotonin - Somethning for NothingNever heard of Andrew Pimblott, Michael Coleman or Lee Campbell?  Well they are 3 guys from Manchester who are collectively known as Black Market Serotonin and will be releasing their debut album ‘Something From Nothing’ this spring.

The output from a trio can often have a stripped back and raw sound but this is certainly not the case with Black Market Serotonin.  I had listened to the album a couple of times before digging into the details of the band and had imagined them as 4 or 5 piece act so was surprised to find that there was only 3 of them, especially considering the sheer scale of the music.

Following in the footsteps of prog legends Rush, it is front man Andrew Pimblott who takes on the ‘Geddy Lee’ role of vocals, guitars, keyboards and samples which is the key to their multi-layered electronic prog rock sound.  Drawing their influences from the likes of Tool, Deftones and Porcupine Tree the result is a sincere blend of thoughtful and expansive progressive rock but delivered with a measured aggression.

It is obvious from the outset that we are dealing with three top notch musicians here, there is a lot going on at times and though it threatens at times to overwhelm they just about manage to keep it reigned in.  The backline of bassist Lee Campbell and drummer Michael Coleman lock together nicely, laying down a solid foundation throughout.

It isn’t a particularly ‘feel good’ album, not one to put on if you are looking for something uplifting, it is a dark and brooding affair but that isn’t a bad thing, sometimes you need music for those darker moments and this provides a good backdrop for such times.

In true prog style the album also features  the 5 part epic ‘Something From Nothing‘, after which the release has been named and this for me is the highlight of the record, the band really stretch their legs and show what they are capable of.  Ignoring the fact it is 5 tracks glued together and taking the piece as a whole it is anthemic in its scope and feel, with more discoveries made on each listen.

I am reminded of the early albums from Tool and Porcupine Tree, not so much in the music but in the feel of them.  “Something From Nothing” has that unpolished edge that you often find on a debut and I can well imagine listening to their 4th or 5th release in years to come and thinking back fondly on where that sound began.

The first single, ‘Irons In The Fire’ is released on 25th February with the album, “Something From Nothing” following via Superstar Destroyer Records on 29th April.

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