Beneath The Eclipse - EffortHailing from Yorkshire, England, Beneath The Eclipse are a new band with a remarkable amount of talent and energy for such a young four piece only just unleashing their debut EP, entitled “Effort”.

Opening with the title track, a myriad of layered vocals, guitar pyrotechnics and subtle time changes immediately attack from every angle and suck you right in. This is a wonderful melee of styles and influences, with a nod towards the metalcore scene and even a flavour of Between The Buried And Me. The riffs are always driving and catchy whilst leaning towards the technically proficient playing of those bands the scene love to call “djent”.

Harmonies permeate ‘Hemicrania’ but the ferocity never lets up and the precision drumming of Chris Stageman is simply stunning, carrying the entire track along with pace and flair.

‘Reality Fueled’ sees a more subtle and menacing intro build into a chaotic driving sonic attack and lead vocalist Jack Wall-Flynn barks furiously with a neat range of styles from gruff death metal throatiness to grating screams. The power is captured with a surprisingly tight and vibrant production for a band (one assumes) on a very low budget at this stage.

Closer ‘Replace’ continues the pace and starts to establish a trademark sound for the band, with a hook that persists right to the end.

Although some of the songs will no doubt benefit from being polished in the live environment and a producer would clearly help them hone their ideas and song structures a little, this is a remarkable debut with bags of promise, undeniably superb musicianship and dozens of ideas branching out in all directions. Available for a mere £2.49 on iTunes, this is well worth a purchase before they become massive and everyone starts claiming they liked them back in the day when their first EP came out.

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