Beholder - The Order Of Chaos

After the release of Beholder’s debut album, “The Awakening;” no one thought that Beholder could get any better on their next release and that they had “hit the nail on the head” so to speak with the sound they went for on that astounding debut record. Now 3 years on, the Leicester based metal machine is back with their highly anticipated second record entitled “The Order of Chaos” – a record built around earth-shattering guitar hooks and vocal lines that are capable of single handily opening up the pits of hell. “The Order of Chaos” is an album that captures British heavy metal at its very best, leading the rest of the world by example and starting 2013 off with a very loud and an extremely aggressive bang!

Simon Hall is one of the most iconic vocalists to emerge from the UK metal scene in the past five years, progressing and furthering his ferocious vocal assault since Beholder’s last release to a whole new degree of brutality. Tracks such as the extremely catchy ‘Here I Stand’, downright fierce ‘Killing Machine’ and ‘Liar’ which opens with the gargantuan, bear like roar of “SPEWING YOUR LIES TO THE WORLD”, are really tracks that give Mr. Hall his moment to shine, letting him viciously growl, snarl and scream to his hearts content, adding an extra dimension of razor sharp force to this already rather brutal record.

You think that “The Order of Chaos” is going to be one continuous head bang fest, spitting forth heavily distorted, down tuned guitar lines in each and every song, continuing with its relentless forceful nature all throughout the album, when in fact the mood shifts completely when we get to the track ‘Out of Ashes’ and we see a more beautiful, tranquil and serenity filled edge to Beholder’s monstrous sound. With shimmering acoustic guitar echoing throughout and a spine chillingly sharp lead guitar melody to accompany it, Beholder prove that they don’t just write ear splittingly HEAVY music, they can also compose music that is completely diverse to the style they do best.

There is one main concern with “The Order of Chaos” and that is that a few of the songs do sound quite similar. There is nothing wrong with sticking to what you are best at, but if there had been a few more acoustic tracks thrown in their to break up the belligerence of the record and a different approach to some of songs then “The Order of Chaos” would have been a very interesting and diverse listening experience.

If you like your riffs meaty, vocal lines rough and ragged and your men bearded, well… beardy! Then you are going to love both Beholder and their new album “The Order of Chaos”. If you looked up the world brutal in the dictionary, I’m sure Beholder would be the definition if gives you!

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