Chris Tippell gets the chance to catch up with Bear and talk band and their new release “Noumenom”. Lets see what the Bear has to say…

For the uninitiated, how would you describe your sound? Who were your main influences?

We have been called a Converge and Meshuggah love child. Without overly sounding like one of those bands you can hear their influence on our music. Of course Dillinger is up there as well. As we all like more ‘techy’ stuff too, we feel most tech bands miss a raw/aggressive side which we like to bring to the table.

The name Bear seems pretty straight forward for a tech/progressive metal band. What made you choose this name for your band?

Ahah! Good question, short names tend to last longer in your memory. So we decided we needed a short and powerfull sounding name that everyone could remember the first time they heard it and came up with BEAR!

You are about to release your latest, and second full length album “Noumenom”. How would you say your songwriting has improved in this time?

Well, it has improved in the sense that we tried to leave more room for each others contributions to the music. And when we write a song, it only gets finished and ‘approved’ if everyone is ok with it. Otherwise it gets chucked.

What does the name Noumenom mean in this sense?

To us NOUMENON means the 4 different ideas we all had in our head about this album, coming together in a concrete form. Before we start writing/recording we all have a certain way we think it should be without it already being there = NOUMENON. And all those ideas manifest into something tangible.

How has the reception been to latest song release ‘Rain’?

Really great actually! Better than we’ve all hoped for. Many people seem to like our hectic take on metal and progressive metal. Of course there always will be haters, but you can’t please everybody and we aren’t in the pleasing business haha.

Noumenom is your first album for new label home Basick. How did they come across you guys in the first place?

We invited them to come look at our performance at last year’s Euroblast. We’ve kept contact ever since and that resulted in a new deal. Finally we found a suitable home for our music.

How important was it to be affiliated with bodies as hugely influential in the tech and progressive metal field like Basick Records and Euroblast?

Important beyond words really. It’s very hard to get your music out there when you don’t do catchy sing-a-long choruses and break-downs every 2 seconds. So to have Basick and the EB collective in our back makes a HUGE difference. We’ve reached so much more people already thanks to them so we couldn’t me more happier.

How have (if at all) Basick Records help develop you as a band?

As a band we take everything serious, from the way we present our selves to the way we interact with other people, the way we perform or produce a video. Being on a label like Basick only enhances all those things because you want to bring an even better A game.

Nowadays there is certainly no shortage of tech metal and ‘djent’ soundalikes. How/what makes you guys stand out from the crowd in your opinion?

Though our sound might be a little ‘techy’ we feel our music is much more raw and uncompromising than most djent soundalikes. From the moment we started this band we wanted to bring harsh, intense and somewhat chaotic music without all the whistles and bells but yet interesting enough to listen to and leave you with a ‘holy shit’ feeling.

What is next for you guys following the album’s release? Is the touring schedule going to be busy?

There are some touring plans in the making. Euroblast is going to be our international release party. And being a continuously working band we’ve already started jamming new stuff !

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