Battle Pope vs Jesus Christ Posse - Split LP [Review]How things change. When I was at school we were allowed to bring records to music class and we would all listen to them and discuss. I brought in one of my Supertramp albums that had the song ‘Bloody Well Right’, and this caused some dramas because of the explicit language. Yes that’s right – the word “bloody”. Imagine the response if I had brought in a record that included a spoken word discussion between some girls about being so filled up with the Battle Pope‘s cum that it flowed from every hole and which caused one of them to think they had conjunctivitis as it seeped from her eyes.

Enter the juvenile escape world of Sydney band Battle Pope who set out to offend as much as they possibly can in around 15 minutes as they take on the Jesus Christ Posse (also from the harbour city) in this hedonistic fuckfest fight for supremacy over kneeling bitches everywhere on the “Battle Pope vs Jesus Christ Posse”  split LP.

Made up of 19 short songs that total less than I assume it would take the Battle Pope to tear a dozen hymen, this is one of the best collections of short, sharp fast-paced rock that you will come across, and with members of bands like Dumbsaint and Adrift for Days involved you can see why. This is not the same song played 19 times – in the case of Battle Pope, each one is built on a riff or an idea with elements of grind, doom, sludge, punk, blues, funk and good old rock as they scream or bounce along with spitting, venomous vocals preaching their religion. The hand-overs between vocal and instrumental spotlight add punch and depth along with short drum, bass or guitar solos of one or if you’re lucky two bars.

Jesus Christ Posse are less concerned with cumming in bitches’ mouths and more interested in directly taking on Battle Pope with a classic ’90s hardcore punk attack of fast drums, scorching guitars and full-tilt vocals. They have a lot of anger stored up and if the Battle Pope doesn’t put his cock away on the tour bus I can see a rather sharp axe entering the picture.

So there you have it – great musicians using their considerable talents to release their inner naughty boy.  And don’t think the battle ends on the record, with posts like this on facebook:

“Hey! Jesus Christ Posse! You are godless homosexual rapists of your grandmothers pet goats!”

The record is available through Art As Catharsis. Just don’t play it in music class…

Dates for the Battle Pope vs Jesus Christ Posse tour to support the release:
Fri 18 Jan – Sun Distortion Studios, Brisbane (AA) w/ Machina Genova, Fvck Mountain, Ritual Harm
Sat 19 Jan – Rhys’ House, Sunshine Coast
Sun 20 Jan – Wasp Factory, Lismore
Tue 22 Jan – Venue TBC, Byron Bay
Wed 23 Jan – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
Fri 25 Jan – The Pot Belly Hotel, Canberra w/ Wretch + TBC
Sat 26 Jan – The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney w/ The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers (SA), Peter Brock (SA), Snakes Get Bad Press
Fri 1 Feb – Venue TBC, Melbourne w/ We Lost the Sea, Fully Cooked + TBC
Sat 2 Feb – Scumfest 2013, Old Queens Theatre, Adelaide w/ Totally Unicorn, Captain Cleanoff, Space Bong, God God Dammit Dammit, We Lost the Sea, The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers and many more

Battle Pope – Facebook Page

Jesus Christ Posse – Facebook Page