Bam Margera Of Jackass and Fuckface Unstoppable Talks To ThisIsNotASceneTINAS operative Matt Seddon had the honour and a pleasure to interview one of his idols at the recent Fuckface Unstoppable show at the O2 Academy, Liverpool. You will know him through the stuff he has done in Jackass and CKY videos, but today he is in Liverpool with his band Fuckface Unstoppable. It is, of course, the legend Bam Margera!

Haha. Thanks for the introduction, great to be here with you Matt.

How are you doing today?

I’m good man. Okay dude. I’ve just got back from a mall signing and they’re always like (puts voice on): “Don’t worry. It’ll only be a quick 30 minute thing”… Was it fuck 30 minutes! I was sat there for 2 fucking hours and I knew this was going to happen. Anyway, our tour manager didn’t want to come with us, so we decided to fuck with him and hide in some bar for a few hours and he was like: “Where the fuck are they, why are they late”… Well Glenn, you would have known if you had decided to come. haha.

So, this is day 4 of the Fuckface Unstoppable UK tour, what have been your highlights so far?

We are hoping tonight is going to be a highlight. We have something special planned that we hope will get people going. Basically, I heard there is this feud between Liverpool and Manchester United, so Rubbish Heap from Australia is going to go up onstage and introduce Novak who comes out to sing Phil Collins naked, and while he is up on stage he is going to be like: “YO! I just been backstage with Bam Margera talking about football and he says Liverpool is the best. Well I think Manchester United is the best”… Do you think shit will go and want to fuck him up down if we do this?

Haha, that is certainly one way to get them going!


So let’s start from the very beginning. When and how did Fuckface Unstoppable first form?

Well, I have this rehearsal studio in my house called the Hobbit Hole, and bands like CKY and Clutch practice there. Anyway, one day I just grabbed onto the microphone at like 2am, and the guys were like: “Holy shit dude, you should do this for real. Maybe do a few cover songs and start writing some stuff and this could work”. So it all started overnight. haha. Fuckface Unstoppable was born! And it’s fun. I like it!

The first song many people heard by you guys was the song ‘I Wanna Bend My Dick to My Ass… So I Can Fuck Myself’, and people where really surprised with what they heard. They expected a different sound to come from a band that had you in it. Why did you decide to release this as your debut single and why is it so different to the rest of your material?

Well I’ve always wanted to do a dance/dubstep project, and for maybe 5/6 years now, I’ve been singing the lyrics over and over to myself (starts singing the song). Anyway, it didn’t really fit into a punk rock style of song so I knew it just had to be to like a dubstep style Waaa Waggga Wazzaa kind of beat. I met this dude from Finland who did the beat in a day, and after that I was like we need more punk and rock n’ roll songs in our set. There is like 3 rap songs we do, but we only usually do one or two at gigs.

In your live show you perform a range of originals and covers. What are the covers you perform and why have you chosen them?

First of all I just wanted to do a fuck load of Clutch, as they are such a brilliant band. They sing everything the way I’d like things to be sung, so when I hear stuff from them first; it leaves me with less work to do. We also do some Turbonegro and Bloodhound Gang stuff as I love those guys too! Like I’ve wrote songs like ‘Moonshine’ and this new one called ‘Little Dick’. It goes like this (coughs). “Little dick, little dick please let me cheat. I can’t get hard thanks to Purgaset Pete. Little dick, little dick please let me chat. This chick has a dick and it looks pretty neat”. That song goes out to Novak as he tried to get his dick sucked by a transvestite in Sydney, but he couldn’t get a boner. haha.

Can we be expecting a Fuckface Unstoppable album anytime soon then?

Yeah yeah, it’s actually all been recorded, but due to touring there has been no time for mixing. We haven’t had the time to spend four or so days mixing it, and that’s why we haven’t released it yet. But I want it to sound like a pile of shit to be honest. Rock is meant to sound crappy. If it sounds produced then it’s going to sound like a polished turd. I like my music sounding like a turdy turd.

One of the main things that set you apart from other bands is that you have two drummers… Why is this?

We actually have three haha! They just rotate throughout the show. First of all we have my brother Jesse from CKY, and well. I can’t leave him out. Then we have Rubbish Heap from Guttermouth and he helped start all this shit, so he had to be in the band. Then we have Mark who sets up the stage and all the drums for us. I’ve known this guy since I was 3 years old, so he had to be in the band too.

You’ve always been a busy guy, doing lots of different projects like: Jackass, CKY Videos, Skating, Radio Bam and of course owning your own record label. Are there any other projects other than Fuckface Unstoppable that you are currently doing?

Yeah man, I’m currently doing a show. It’s basically me hosting 4 people per episode doing Jackass shit on TV, and whoever does the craziest shit wins $10,000. That went really well, so after this tour I go back to record another season of it, then I’m back on the road with Fuckface in the US. The thing is, if I host a TBS show… I expect to be paid for my work! Whereas with a Fuckface Unstoppable show; if something happened and Novak smashed some shit up in Liverpool and the promoter refused to pay us for the gig, I wouldn’t mind as I fucking love doing this shit man!

So, Bam. The question on everybody’s mind is. Can we be expecting a Jackass 4 anytime soon? Have you been in contact with any of the guys recently, how are they all doing?

I couldn’t say man. Knoxville doesn’t like me telling people what we are up to haha. I know he has been in a lot of movies recently that I can never be bothered to watch. Last time I saw him on TV, he was on Men in Black 2 or 3 as some retarded 2 headed alien thing. I just watched it and was like what the fuck! I’d rather watch him get his dick kicked in on Jackass as that’s what people love to see. Not Knoxville as some two headed freak. It’s just stupid!

Thank you for your time Bam; it’s been a pleasure speaking to you today.

Thanks for interviewing me Matt. See you at the show man!

Fuckface Unstoppable – Facebook Page

Photo by Richard James Photography