Avatar - The Black WaltzClowns and metal have gone hand in hand for years now and from Shawn “Clown” Crahan of Slipknot fame to some styles of black metal face paint, these freaks with a smile have been slowly creeping into the metal scene a lot lately. Avatar is such a band, a Swedish melodic death/black metal crossover band who really know how to take brutal to a whole new level, combining ravenous, needle sharp dual guitar riffs, earth shattering rhythm sections and blood curdling screams to form one monster of a record entitled “The Black Waltz” – 11 tracks of pure of metal madness capable of opening up the pits of hell!

Avatar is one of the hottest melodic death metal bands on the scene at the moment, sounding like a hybrid crossover between At the Gates and Behemoth and performing songs that would give Satan himself a boner – which is clearly evident on every single track on “The Black Waltz;” perhaps the finest metal album of the year so far. Tracks such as ‘Let Us Die’, ‘Ready for the Ride’ and ‘Black Waltz’ are all highlights on the album, having that “single” feeling to them the minute they rip through your speakers and tear your ear whole a new one… Told you it was brutal.

Lead vocalist Johannes Eckerström is one hell of a front man, releasing vocal fury and some impressive demonic screeches in tracks such as ‘Blod’, ‘One Touch’ and the nine and a half minute epic ‘Use Your Tongue’. His style, tone and diction throughout the entirety of “The Black Waltz” is an awe inspiring feat to say the least, showing just how talented he is as a metal vocalist and ranking him as one of the finest vocalists in extreme metal at the moment. Definitely a name to keep a look out for in the future!

They say never to judge a book by its cover, but once you have seen the album artwork for “The Black Waltz,” your brain will automatically conclude: “This is going to be one freaking awesome album”. Simplistic, yet effective the picture of the clown holding up the ticket sums up everything on this album – it’s dark, it’s sinister and it’s quite whacky. What more could you want from a melodic death metal band who dress up in clown makeup? Nothing. That’s the answer you’re looking for.

“The Black Waltz” is an album that everyone who calls themselves a metal head needs in their collection. It’s fast, it’s aggressive, it’s the finest metal album of 2013 thus far and above all… It’s performed by grown Swedish men dressed up as clowns. CHECK THIS SHIT OUT NOW!

Avatar – Official Website