Attica Rage - "88mph"In case you’ve been living in a cave for the better part of 30 years, or have no interest in film whatsoever, 88mph is the speed at which Marty McFly and his trusty DeLorean needed to reach to travel through time in Back To The Future. It is also the name of the new album by Glaswegian veterans Attica Rage, who co-incidentally also sound like they’ve been denied any access to a record player since the early 80s, so straightforward and route one is their sound.

Everything about Attica Rage screams “support band”, or failing that “house band at a bog-standard metal bar.” There is nothing fundamentally wrong with their songs, there are hooks aplenty, especially in the first track proper ‘Beyond Forever’, but the overriding feeling of being taken for a ride; on the coattails of more established and talented bands specifically, is hard to shake throughout the 42 minute running time. That the members have obviously spent many an hour honing their skills on their respective instruments and playing to sparse crowds the length and breadth of the UK on the toilet circuit is unfortunately not enough to maintain your attention, and you find yourself wondering why all that time hasn’t translated into something more engaging.

However, you may not be looking for anything that challenging. After all, hard rock, when stripped of any outside influence or sub-genre infatuation can be one of the most exciting genres of music on the planet. With a beer in your hand and many more in your belly, Attica Rage will probably rock just fine thank you very much, and the solos and soaring leads of the likes of power ballad ‘Long Ride Home’ will be just what the Doctor ordered. It’ll be just like an old friend, maybe because it’s so familiar, someone you can fall back on. Unfortunately, you suspect that Attica Rage will never become anything other than just plain old dependable.

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