AntropomorphiA - Evangelivm NekromantiaAntropomorphiA, having been away for quite some time (they last released new music wayyyyyyy back in 1998), reassert their presence on the death metal scene with a worthy comeback record that’s full of gross atmosphere, unhinged riffs and plenty of mad shouting. Praise all that is unholy that this trio decided that they weren’t quite done with their career and gave it another bash with “Evangelivm Nekromantia.”

AntropomorphiA’s sound is one of true heaviness; Ferry Damen’s vocals are wrenched from the very bowels of the earth and his deep and gruff approach adds to the fiery nuances of the disgustingly powerful sounds that are hammered out beneath his rage. ‘Debauchery in Putrefaction’ sounds kinda gross before you even get to the actual song (which is marvellous by the way) but that’s what death metal is all about, right? AntropomorphiA might have bizarre and crude titles – ‘Nekrophilian Mass,’ ‘Impure Desecration’ – but their attitude is deeply believable and “Evangelivm Nekromantia” is an extremely enjoyable record. Insofar as the enjoyment of blood and gore and occultic practices can be fun. Oh…………hang on.

‘Psuchagogia’ is almost offensively catchy, the riffs spilling forth from the blasting fury of the drums and Damen’s voice taking on a strangely demonic echo at times. It’s fast and filthy and sordid and the slow break in the middle only adds to the feeling of unease that permeates the entire record. “Evangelivm Nekromantia” is an album to indulge in. It’s wicked and it’s dirty. What’s stopping you?

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