American Fangs - Pomona EPTexan alt rockers American Fangs are bursting into the scene with an infectious excitable energy that you just can’t help but embrace. With an EP that audibly secretes a sense of showmanship and plain old fashioned good fun, American Fangs are set out to entertain.

Title track ‘Ponoma’ will soon have crowds singing along with its more than catchy lyrics, serious use of the ‘woah oh’ here but more than one listen and you’ll be powerless to joining in. This bands overall sound is a combination of classic American feel good stadium rock ( think Mötley Crüe influences ) and a punk attitude with an undeniable amount of raucous energy. ‘Duke’ is a bouncy number with vocals quite reminiscent of Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix, who has incidentally picked the band to join them on their upcoming UK tour.

“Pomona” then takes more of twist towards a punkier side with ‘Get The Hell On’, a much rawer vocal performance which makes acoustic track ‘Sorry’ feel a little out of place. ‘Sorry’ has its own merits, mainly displaying Gabriel Cavazos’s softer vocal range but it feels like the drop in the pace of the EP is a little steep. ‘Le kick’ jumps straight back into the foot tapping, rhythmically addictive sound that is no doubt going to make American Fangs an interesting live act, I really cannot see this band being able to even slightly hold back on stage.

As an EP “Pomona” works well, introducing American Fangs and showcasing what they are capable of, even if the tracks don’t quite flow in one go.

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