Sporting an impressive CV that includes support slots with the likes of: KISS, Mötley Crüe, Status Quo, Alice Cooper, Slash, and now the mighty AirbourneThe Treatment [9/10] is a band name that has been on the lips of many avid rock fans all across the UK and Europe recently, and with a new album due for release in the new year, it was down to these Cambridge rockers to bring down the roof tonight! Coming on dressed head to toe in denim and leather and sounding like the long lost lovechild of Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard, The Treatment are clearly a modern band stuck in the past – not that it’s a bad thing, as they deliver one of the best sets I have ever seen from a support act! Tracks such as ‘The Doctor’, ‘Shake The Mountain’ and the title track off of their up and coming album ‘Running With The Dogs’ are all highlights of tonight’s set, and although this performance seems like it is over before it has even begun, The Treatment have most definitely tore Manchester a new one tonight, converting each and every person present into a member of The Treatment family.

It is weird that stoner/space rockers Orange Goblin [7/10] are on tonight’s billing, however the moment they kick in with ‘Scorpionica’, the crowd knows that Orange Goblin is here… And that they mean business. What is most surprising is the sound that this 4 piece manage to muster, unleashing wave after wave of fuzzy, distortion fuelled noise that knocks tonight’s crowd straight off their feet! Although only a handful of people really seem to be getting into tonight’s set, Orange Goblin give 110% in their performance, with lead vocalist Ben Ward being both engaging and charismatic as he strides around stage, flailing his hair about as he goes. A few of the oldies in the crowd are singing along to the likes of ‘Saruman’s Wish’ and other such classics, but it is the tracks such as ‘Red Tide Rising’ off of the band’s latest album “A Eulogy For The Damned” that are the real highlights of the set. Despite giving it their all, Orange Goblin leaves many people wondering tonight why the hell are this band on the bill, a shame, as no doubt they would have received a much better reception if playing to a room full of their own fans.

Back in the day there was this little band called Motörhead who where once known for being “The loudest band in the world”. However, after tonight’s performance that title is only really worthy of one band and that band has to be Australia’s very own Airbourne [10/10]. Kicking in with ‘Ready to Rock’, the feel good, party anthem off of their new album “Black Dog Barking”, Airbourne take no prisoners in opening their set in style, whipping up the crowd into a frenzy and preparing them for a crazy night full of rock n’ roll fuelled debauchery! ‘Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast’ and ‘Girls in Black’ are up next, and even despite Joel O’Keeffe’s guitar problem a mere four songs into the set, he soldiers on like the trooper he is, bare chest and running round like an enraged ape, microphone in hand. Guitar problems aside, Airbourne plough through an incredible set of old school, high octane rock n’ roll anthems, not letting the chants of: “We want Angus Young” and “Play Highway To Hell” get to them, and spewing forth tune after tune in the form of fan favourites ‘Diamond in the Rough’ and ‘Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women’.

The second half of the set is marked by the change in backdrop to the iconic “Black Dog Barking” album artwork, and when ‘No Way But The Hard Way’ has the entire of the HMV Ritz singing at the top of their lungs, you can see the grins on Airbourne’s faces light up as they get the entire venue moving, jumping, pitting and generally having an amazing time whilst ‘Stand Up For Rock n’ Roll’ closes this incredible set. But wait… There is more. What is this we are treated to? A musical medley made up of ‘Live and Let Die’, ‘Dog Eat Dog’ and other classic rock anthems! Pure bliss! Closing with ‘Live It Up’ off of the new record and the timeless classic that is ‘Runnin’ Wild’, Airbourne have proven tonight why they are one of the hottest bands of the 21st century, performing what could only be described as the best live show of 2013!

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Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal.