Airbourne_BlackDogBarking_cover[1]Airbourne don’t do things by halves. “Black Dog Barking”, their highly anticipated follow up to 2010’s “No Guts No Glory” is full on testament to that. It’s exactly what you’d expect from this antipodean quartet, hi energy, riffs-a-plenty, good time rock n roll. Crack a tinnie, crank it up and bounce yourself stupid.

We can skip the prerequisites of the AC/DC comparisons, this is Airbourne we are talking about. They are a one trick pony, but they are a bloody entertaining one at that. Damn good at what they do, the O’Keefe brothers have a formula that works. Joel, totally unhinged and wired, delivers alcohol fuelled vocal punches, elements of Seb Bach right through to Brian Johnson… just take your pick.

Delightfully uncomplicated and laden with riff after riff, ‘Black Dog Barking’ is raucous and relentless right from the the opener ‘Ready To Rock’. Let’s face it they couldn’t start with any other track could they? No ballads, no bollocks just straight up, timeless hi octane rock, all the way through to the snapping title track closer ‘Black Dog Barking’.

The production is more polished than the predecessor, but the lyrical content is not. Tracks titled ‘Live It Up’ and ‘No One Fits Me (Better Than You)’ don’t exactly challenge the grey matter, but that’s not what we want from these boys. We want quality riff laden tunes to drink and dance to, and you know what, that’s exactly what Airbourne have given us.

Airbourne have delivered the album to kickstart a huge summer of rock… Bring on Download Festival where you can catch the boys live on the Sunday.

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