AccessDeniedTouchofEvilWhen you pop in Access Denied‘s “Touch of Evil”, the intro song is a bit misleading.  You think you are about to enter a world of Lara Croft Tomb Raider. You think this is going to be a big budget over the top opus ripe with sweeping vistas and explosive refrains. You want the next thirty-three minutes of your life to be an epic adventure. Not so much.

Access Denied‘s “Touch of Evil” is a by the numbers heavy metal album. Piercing Screams? Check. Head banging? Check. Chunky guitar riffs? Check. Steady rock solid drumming? Check. “Touch of Evil” proffers no surprises for the listener. “Touch of Evil” comfortably slides into your consciousness and lovingly embraces you like a treasured old friend. Released in 2012 on Pitch Black Records, Access Denied‘s “Touch of Evil” is a strong sturdy album.

Jacek Kolankiewicz and Mateusz Krauze‘s guitars on ‘Suicide Mind’ remind of the current Iron Maiden guitar sound. The song has some awesome forward driving momentum. ‘Secret Place’ could be a Maiden song with the galloping bass and guitar sound. Pawel Nejczew‘s bass is a melody unto itself as it weaves in and out of the guitars on this track. ‘Secret Place’ is multi-layered and a very good listen.  Agnieszka Sulich is a wonderfully heavy singer. Her voice is strong and sturdy. It fits the music perfectly. At times her vocal stylings remind me of Blackie Lawless from WASP, especially on ‘Violence of the Mind’.

“Touch of Evil” is an album you can sing along to. The riffage is catchy and full of really good heavy metal bits. “Touch of Evil” is Access Denied‘s second album, and if this is any indication of their direction, they are going to be around for a goodly amount of time.

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