Absolva - Flames of Justice [Review]

When Master Luke Appleton left Manchester based metal heroes Fury UK to venture into the big league and join the thrash/power metal gods Iced Earth as their new bass player – brother, guitarist and singer, Chris Appleton and drummer, Martin McNee found themselves going down a heavier route in terms of their sound and thus Absolva was born. One of the hottest new bands of 2012, Absolva combines punchy riffs, driving charges and extremely catchy lyrics to form songs that could rival that of their forefathers, flying the flag for British heavy metal and showing the rest of the world just how metal should be written and performed! Absolva are THE future of heavy metal and “Flames of Justice” is an amazing debut album that you will be playing for years to come.

From the moment the high speed onslaught of title track ‘Flames of Justice’ kicks in, to the final chords of ‘Empires’ are spat violently out, Absolva manage to captivate the listener with intense and invigorating musicianship, spewing forth incredible, jaw dropping licks and solos that would make the Gods of metal cream their pants numerous times. Each and every member of this band plays a key part in the overall sense of epicness these killer songs give off, making each and every track on “Flames of Justice” unique in its very own way.

Other highlights on the album include the astounding single ‘Code Red’, the octane fuelled ‘Breath’ and the ever so progressive feeling song ‘Free,’ which will have you chanting along to them in next to no time. However, when you listen to these tracks in particular, it’s hard to believe that Absolva had only been together a mere number of months before recording “Flames of Justice,” making it safe to say that: A) Chris Appleton, Martin McNee, Tom Atkinson (Vice) and Dan Bate (Point Blank Fury) are all extremely talented musicians and B) “Flames of Justice” is a heavy metal masterpiece.

The best thing about this record is that it just isn’t your run of the mill, generic classic metal album. There are elements of thrash metal, power metal and NWOBHM scattered all throughout “Flames of Justice” and it just makes the listening experience all the more interesting and enjoyable. It’s a sound that seems to be emerging more from UK bands as of recently, but one thing’s for sure; none are creating music as fresh and innovative as Absolva.

With a sci-fi inspired album artwork to top it all off, “Flames of Justice” is from start to finish an all killer, no filler classic metal record that sounds like the bastard child of a massive metal gang bang between Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Judas Priest and SaxonAbsolva are still a young band and if this is the product of just a few months of playing together, then boy oh boy are we in for an even tastier treat when they release their next album! Absolva… Reinventing the sound of heavy metal since 2012!

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