Abriosis - VesselOne of the little joys in life is getting something unexpected for free. Whether it is free food, free beer, or free music, it is greatly appreciated. However; one of the pitfalls of said free goods is its quality. That being said, it is pretty hard for me to turn down free food, unless it resembles rotting garbage. I will drink the shit out of light anything beer, as long as it is free. Music on the other hand, is completely different. Everybody and their dog has a free download or stream of whatever they did in their room on their laptop last week; therefore, when you get killer music free, it makes it all that much better. Vancouver, British Columbia, progressive death metal band Abriosis’s E.P. “Vessel” is one of those great finds.

“Vessel” is 20 minutes of kick ass progressive death metal. It has all the key ingredients: precision guitar riffs, ocean-like waves of bass, machine gun drumming, and vocals that sound like a demon from hell. What makes this band stand out is how they mix all those ingredients together and come up with some sweet and brutal sounds. The opening track, ‘Crypsis’, immediately throws you into the fray with some punishing double kick drums and guttural screams, very reminiscent of the band the genre has been named after.

The title track is more of the same with even more wild riffs by guitarist, Taylor Lipton. For every lick Lipton whips out, bassist Ryan McDonnell is right behind him with some awesome bass runs, especially at the beginning of ‘Peering Into Oblivion’. Drummer Robin Iwasiw keeps the party moving through the final track, ‘Apochra’, with his tight blast beats and nifty cymbal work. A welcome addition to the band is vocalist, Alxs Ness (formerly of Without Mercy). This woman has some seriously evil sounds coming out of her! She totally sets the mood for the songs on the E.P. Angela Gossow watch out!

In reading up on the bands’ history, they have had a little bit of turnover since their inception in 2007. I hope this version stays together for a long time. If so, I think we have some great music to look forward too. Check out  and download “Vessel.” I have a feeling the next time Abriosis puts something out, it probably will not be free.

Abriosis – Facebook Page